Tuesday, May 10, 2011

funny how that works

So yesterday was a 'Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'.  Yes, it was.  Very unpleasant.  Thank goodness I had enough sense to NOT come here and start typing.  And its not that any one thing happened.  It was an accumulation of sorts.  Lots to do with finances, sickness, and attitudes (mine included!).  I awoke this morning feeling better, but still unsettled.  I read my email.  Funny thing was that there was a message that I saw a few days ago that I really didn't feel like reading.  It is from a woman who sends out encouraging emails.  I've always enjoyed them, but for some reason didn't read it when it came in.  Imagine my surprise when I finally read it a few minutes ago and it happened to speak directly to my situation.  Funny how that happens :-)  I'm not all better, but I might be if I really meditate on her words, which will take me to His Word.  I'm just thankful for that small glimmer of light.  Yesterday I was in a very big, black hole.  I hate that place!!! 

Moira continues to do well, and it looks as if Isabella may be on the up and up.  The first remedy we tried did not seem to work.  It was after hours when she started to feel worse, so I took it upon myself to look up a remedy.  Not sure if I have the right one, but there seems to be a turn in the right direction.  Not as much pain or swelling.  I'm supposed to keep her on this remedy for a bit to see how she does and call back if no improvement.  So far no one else has a sore throat, but that may change in a few days if they picked it up from Isabella.  The baby did wake up with a goopy eye.  He seems to be doing ok otherwise.  I really need to take a picture of him.  He seems to have had a growth spurt or something.  He looks huge!!!  He was really fussy last night due to me eating dairy for my Mother's Day dinner, so I was trying to calm him down by rocking him in the rocking chair.  His head was up on my shoulder, and he was stretching himself out and had his feet in my lap!!  For some reason he seems to have grown by a few inches over night. 

I'm thankful for a day off of speech, which was unexpected.  I have a ton of stuff to do, and all the normal everyday stuff already takes up all my time.  The girls and I sat down the other day to go through a plan for change.  Everyone is getting tired of 'cleaning all day'.  Granted some of that is because they are being lazy and not just doing the work when it is time to do it.  But lately the rooms have been getting exceedingly messy within a short amount of time.  I've had the girls clean up and an hour later you wouldn't even know!  So we figured out how many outfits everyone should have, decided on moving some things around to make it easier for cleaning, etc.  I plan on moving most of the books out of the family room from one of the book shelves.  For some reason the boys seem to really love pulling the books off this one book shelf.  I plan on bagging up a LOT of stuff to put upstairs to get it out of our way.  I hate, hate, hate the clutter.  It am starting to feel that I don't live in a house, but a storage facility.  And because I dont' have a lot of time, as all the regular daily duties (with sick or hurting children) are taking up all my time, so I will just be shoving things into bags.  That means at some point we will have to go through the bags to sort things out to see if we still want to keep any of it, but I'm ok with that.  I need this stuff out of here!  I'd take before and after pictures, but the before pictures would be too embarrassing.

Off to go put dinner together, hoping to make it an easier evening.  That just means as I am about to start to bag things up the baby will be waking up.  Then when it gets to be evening, and I am thankful that I started dinner this morning, I will think about jumping on top of this mess, only to find out I'm exhausted.  That's how it's been this past month.  I can't get ahead.  Very annoying.  Someday, someday.

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I, Beth said...


Just discovered your blog.
Couldn't help but leave a comment as I am the eldest of 9 children from a lovely mother that attempted homeschooling as she wanted to teach about Christ and just felt it would be a lot more wholesome to teach at home.

Unfortunately she didn't have the support of her partner, long story.

She is also a passionate believer of homeopathy and basically leaving the docter until the last resort.

I think your family sounds fabulous!
At times I used to go crazy having such a big family, but it is one of the best things in my life :)

God bless you and your family :) xx

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