Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now for those pictures

Warning, this post has a ton of photos! One must take a ton of pictures when they get a new lens! My camera came with the lens I really wanted (50mm).. Jeremiah on the other hand wanted to be able to take action shots from the sidelines of the soccer fields. So he got a 75-300mm Tameron lens. Wow, pretty fun stuff :-) So now I suppose I need to share my camera :-) So come along, if you dare, to see all the fun things we shot with it the other day when it first came in. Some of these are on auto, some on AV, and then there are a couple on full manual. You'll even get to see what happens when you don't make sure your white balance is set correctly!


Saoirse is usually always up for some photo shoot fun. Today she was all systems go! Here you'll see the many faces that this girl can make :-)


So serious.


Not serious. Ha, ha!


She was really wanting me to take a bunch of pictures of her eating.


Happy girl.


Ahh, see how blue this picture is? This was one of the first pictures I took in this series and I had the white balance set to the wrong setting. The camera tries to compensate for the various types of lighting depending on what setting you have it on. It has settings for cloudy days, sunny days, indoor light, etc. When it's on the wrong'll know! The pictures above and below were taken after I set the white balance to the correct setting. A much more pleasant viewing experience.


Dramatic Saoirse.


Showing you all her missing two front teeth.


Silly Saoirse.


Contemplative Saoirse.


Here's me getting my daily dose of toddler yumminess.


Just Jonah being a cutie pie.


Here's some faces of Jonah. Hmmm, I just got outside, where should I go first?


Boy this is a hard decision.


Maybe I'll pick up rocks, one at a time, and bring them each, one by one, to Mom.


Or maybe I'll go for a little walk.


Maybe not, as this is what happens when a car is coming down the drive. Poor Jonah freaks out when a car drives down our drive. Not that I'm complaining. This boy is not afraid of much, but I'm ok with him being scared of moving vehicles.


Jonah finally trying out the new trampoline. He wouldn't go on it the first couple of days we got it. He had a blast.


Saoirse enjoying herself.

Isabella had some really funny pictures of her on the trampoline. I waited to have her pick one out to post on the blog. Here she is just being a jumping bean :-)


Moira having fun. The girls have spent hours on the trampoline since we got it last weekend. Great exercise fun for all!


Oh, now it's Jed's turn. He spent most of the time chasing a soccer ball around.


And then he decided to take a spin on the swing. Ready Jed?


One needs a willing sibling to make the said swing "spin". Flannery was very willing to play 'under dog' (I thought it was 'under duck' but the girls say it's 'under dog').


Ah, fun!


I thought this was a neat shot (Jeremiah took all the swing shots...and a few others :-))


Yup, he was having a hay day.


This one was just tooooooo funny!! What is up with that look?


Ah, there we go, much better :-)


Tracy said...

These are such FANTASTIC pictures!!! You must be having so much fun with your new toy!!! :) I love Jonah's overalls... Remmington had the same ones when he was about 1-2 yrs old!

Nancy M. said...

Your pictures are so awesome! Looks like everyone has been having fun!

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