Thursday, March 11, 2010

I did it!

I FINALLY did it! I made the above storyboard on my own! Working with Photoshop Elements has been a lot of fun. So far two out of the three tutorials I have read have worked for me. I am very excited. Sometimes it's the small things in life :-)
In other news we signed Jed up for a third day of speech therapy for each week. He starts today! It was great to talk with the coordinator as she was telling me that she can finally understand some of Jed's words!!!! How wonderful is that?! Adding a third day will make it hard for the rest of us as it cuts right into the middle of our day. But it will be well worth it. Yesterday we were trying to get some things done here and ended up taking our school work with us and doing it in the van. So it all works out.

Poor Flannery caught Saoirse's tummy bug :-( She woke me up at 2 AM telling me her tummy hurt. Thankfully she only woke up hourly to every two hours. However a little after three Saoirse woke up with extreme pain in her ear. Yeah, I can't win. I have a post in mind on health mulling around in my brain. One thing I want to hit on I will mention here as it is something that happens to us E.V.E.R.Y. T.I.M.E. Whenever we start to do something right, or good, our kids get sick within 72 hours. Seriously I feel totally confident that I could bet my life on it. Sometimes illness is not the result of a bad diet, or hanging out with other sick people....sometimes it's spiritual. This time it hit within 24 hours. I definitely want to save the "why" till later as I don't have a lot of time right now to get into the story. But we are all really excited about an opportunity we have to serve others.

Off to tidy up and make some breakfast.

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