Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another try

So I grew tired of trying to figure out GIMP. Well at least temporarily. I mean I have limited time on the computer and I kind of want results now. Call it impatient. Go ahead :-) Sooooo I downloaded a free trial of Phototshop Elements 8 the other day. You see I already have a couple of blogs in my favorites that have written various tutorials on the things I *actually* want to do. The problem with Gimp isn't that it can't accomplish the same effect, I just can't find the tutorials I need to figure it out.

Yesterday I needed to fill up our oat container and decided it would be a fun thing for a little boy to do. The boys around here can't get enough of fill/empty "games", most notably when water is involved! Jonah was more than happy to help. He made sure to bring along a snack in case the work got heavy :-) I'm uploading the storyboard directly from our computer and then I will resize it in Flikr to see the difference. This is the first time I am using one of the CoffeeShop's templates and I am not sure how big it will be displayed on the web.

good help  template_edited-2

Well, that didn't work as expected. I increased the size of the image and got the above result. I wanted the image to be larger still and went in and resized it, however the image didn't change size for my blog! Oh well. No time to figure it all out. We have a bunch of cleaning to do today, Jed's speech and later this evening dropping Isa off to soccer. Moira is no longer playing soccer as a referee told her this past Saturday that she had to take out her earrings in order to play in the game. She wasn't willing to do that since she has had some bad experiences with taking her earrings out. Personally I find that rule a bit much. I could see if she had dangling earrings, but hers are small little starter earrings. Oh well. Nothing like a bunch of money thrown out the window! Off to start work :-)

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