Sunday, March 07, 2010

My comments were not working!!!

To all that have made comments to my blog over the last two months I'm sorry that I did not get them up. I saw only three comments, and at the time I read them (from my email) I could not publish them. My sister said something to me the other day about it and I decided to go into Blogger itself to publish the *three* comments I thought I had. WOW, there were at least TWENTY waiting for me! I'm supposed to be emailed when I get a comment, but apparently I haven't been! Yikes. Anyways I won't have time to address everyone, but I wanted to say a big thank you to all who prayed for us while we were sick!

And I did want to briefly address a comment from my friend about us being sick all the time. You are RIGHT! We are sick all the time! However, homeopathy is only something we do once we get sick, it's not something we are doing to stay well. Plus homeopathy is an have to know what you are doing to get it right. The other, as far as diet, we have only changed our diet since we were so sick in Jan. We may have been eating "healthy" compared to what people think is healthy, but that doesn't mean we were eating HEALTHY. Ha, ha! Kind of like you can be a vegetarian, but that does not mean in any way you are eating healthy. Just because you take out meat does not make one healthy. If you are still drinking sodas, cakes, chips...etc, all vegetarian'll be a very unhealthy vegetarian. So our diet looked healthy to most, but in reality, knowing what we know now about food, it was not.

I just don't want homeopathy and *actual* healthy eating to get a bad name because of us :-) There is a lot more I could say about what goes into being healthy, but I don't have time. Diet has been helping....a lot! But we were SOOOOOO sick, seriously never been so sick before, that our *actual* good diet now will take a while to undo our unhealthy living. Natural stuff takes a longer time to work. And when I called the homeopathic doctor when I couldn't get the remedies right myself, he is able to pick the right ones, and were finally able to get better. So diet and homeopathy work, just not in the conventional way. Phew! Off to make breakfast for our crew.

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Kathy said...

I doubt if each of you is sick "all the time" but there are 8 one gets sick, then another and then another and you've got over two weeks of one "simple" cold. That happens in any group it just looks diferent when they share a last name:)I bet those same colds get worse and worse in some other familes but are fought off quickly in your healthy one.

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