Friday, March 19, 2010

A Full Day

We had a full day of catch up. Everyone is finally back to normal. We did a bunch of cleaning and school and made sure to get outside in the wonderfully warm weather. After dinner I took Flannery and Jedidiah with me to the store for some grocery shopping. We had a great time. We got back kind of late. I hope that doesn't mess up Flannery tomorrow for her soccer game! We took a bunch of pictures today. There were some really cute ones that I would love to touch up, but I am way too tired to do so. So for now I am going to put a bunch up here and when I touch them up maybe I'll do a little before/after post with them.

Well scratch that! The photos are taking f..o..r..e..v..e..r to load! I need to go to bed. I started uploading them to Flikr thinking that the problem may have been with Blogger, but apparently it is with our computer. Up above you see a picture of a sick Jonah. Hopefully tomorrow you will see a healthy Jonah :-) Goodnight.

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