Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a real post....not yet

Ok, I thought I would get to that real post, but realized that the pictures I wanted to add are on the "other" computer. Jerry re-did the computer and all my fav's and pics are on the old one. He is working on retreiving my stuff for me as I type, but with having to get kiddos in bed and a very busy next couple of days I may not get to it.

Tomorrow I have a Bible study to go to. I am reallly excited about it. We will be reading Nancy Wilson's book, "The Fruit of Her Hands". I read it a few years ago, it will do me good to re-read it. They will have the older kids in one room doing their school work and the younger kids in another, playing. The girls are really excited to see their new friends. Then we have to leave the study early as we have an occupational therapist coming to evaluate Jedidiah. She will determine if she is capable of helping him learn to eat. He can take his pureed baby food, but nothing "more" than that. Any kind of chunk or piece leaves him gagging or choking. And then we may even try to go to the prayer meeting tomorrow night. We shall see how everyone has held up during the day.

Thursday will be shopping day. That makes for a LONG day. On top of that Jedidiah has his physical therapy later in the afternoon. I think I am getting worn out just thinking about it all :)
I think that leaves Friday as a chill day!

As prep work I got the van cleaned out. We have the house all cleaned. The children are all bathed. We just need to get their bags ready for tomorrow, and their clothing all put out.

gotta run....Jerry needs the keyboard. Have a great night.


Angie said...

Hi Kerri,
Glad you guys sound healthy.
Can't wait to see Jed's haircut.
We've had a busy week too.Girls driving on the road for driver's ed!

Love and Blessings,

Kerri said...

WHAT!?! Drivers ed???? Are they old enough??? Oh my goodness, the thought of my oldest daughter driving is enough to send me to bed for the week! :-) I hope you are well. I will call when I get the chance. Things have been a bit crazy here.

Angie said...

They are 15. yes. IKWYM!!!!
I'm hungry ALL the time!!!

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