Friday, November 16, 2007

Jedidiah's first haircut

Well Jerry still hasn't been able to get to our info on the other burnt out computer. But I did have these few pics of Jedidiah's first haircut. I miss his little wispies.

Here is his before picture. He's so cute!

Here he is after, so handsome. I had some other photos of inbetween, but blogger is having issues and won't let me down load them. I am trying another hosting site on the side to see if they work better. If it does I will transfer everything over to there. But I only have so much time to check things out......

Our last few days have been productive and busy. Jedidiah had his physical therapy yesterday. He is doing so well. We also went grocery shopping. It is amazing to me that sometimes my cart is very full and other times it's not, but that the smaller cart full can cost so much more! Ugh!

Today we will tackle school. Then we may go off to BJ's and then the library. Maybe even the park. I am trying to get the girls out and running around as much as possible. I think they do better overall when they have that outside time.

I have been reading a book called Nourishing Traditions that I had only skimmed over before. It is a huge book. Part recipes and part information. It is so hard to figure out what we are supposed to be feeding our bodies. This book does seem to make some good points, with lots of research to back it. I may try my hand at making some of the lacto fermented products. This means we may need to go back to getting our raw milk. I also am very motivated to get our own chickens. I would love to have our own fresh eggs each day. Lots to think about and ponder.

I am still working on the leg warmers. I also started a wrap skirt for me. It is SO EASY to make!! If only I would have used the proper thread to begin with! I am ripping out my stitches right now to redo it. But there is a tutorial on line (I'll have to find it). You only need three yards of 60 inch wide fabric, a measuring tape, pins and something to cut with (and your handy dandy sewing machine of course). I will post pictures as soon as it is done.

Off to start the day!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Jed IS so cute!! And handsome little man.
He is getting stronger and stronger. Glad you get out more.
I need to take mine to park to run too!

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