Friday, November 23, 2007

After Thanksgiving post

Here it is the day after Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great day! We had a wonderful day! I will say my morning wasn't very pleasant, but everything turned around and the day was great! Jerry's parents came over, bringing a yummy dessert called pumpkin surprise. Not sure why it's called that, but it is sooooo yummy. All the food turned out great. We made the chickens in our roaster oven and they came out great! Juicy and brown, with little basting and no having to fenagle putting tin foil over them. After his parents left we decided to take a little walk up our road. It was only about 70 degrees out! At first the girls were freaked out walking in the almost total darkness. The moon was peeking out here and there to help guide the way. But by the time we were back they all wanted to go again. Then when we got inside they all started wanting to "do" something. I was thinking, yeah me too, like lay back and take a snooze! But that wasn't what they were thinking. So I pulled myself together and pulled down a bunch of craft stuff for us to make some ornaments. We plan on putting up our tree today, so now we will have some great new ornaments. They turned out really cute. You can see them below.

Jedidiah is just totally improving day by day in how he handles food. We bought him a massager the other day to continue the same therapy that the OT does with him. And he actually ate mashed potatoes yesterday! This is really huge! He wanted to also show off for Nana and Grandpa yesterday and he ate (all by himself I might add) three quarters of a jar of baby food. He was in show off mode and didn't want to turn off! It was nap time shortly after Jerry's parents arrived, but Jedidiah would NOT go to sleep! I had to eventually get him up. He held together very well all day. He is such a people person. Whenever we go anywhere he will wave to EVERYBODY! I mean people aren't even looking our way and there he is waving his hand as hard as he can at them. It is sooooo adorable. Every once in a while someone notices and they will wave back at him.

This wasn't taken yesterday, but here is Jedidiah eating all by himself. He really enjoys it.

Here's Moira's teddy bear ornament. Very cute and creative. I didn't tell the girls what to make, they came up with these ideas themselves.

Isabella's very cute snowman taking a ride on her sled (and sharing it with Moira's teddy bear).

I had a bunch of wooden stars in a bag. So we colored them with markers (I was not willing to bring out the paint) and used glitter to dress them up. We also used beads as well. The girls had such a blast. It was a big clean up, but worth it.

Now off to start our day!

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