Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If you give a baby some pudding...

Some of you may have read the "If you give a Mouse (moose, pig) a cookie (cupcake, pancake)" books to your kiddos. In light of that here is our version.

If you give a baby some pudding, he'll want a spoon to go with it.

And chances are if you give him a spoon he'll want to feed himself.

If he decides to feed himself you'll want to get a bib for him.

And putting on the bib will remind him of the time he made a GRAND mess.

He'll want to out do himself this time and will proceed to dig into that pudding.

He will smile at you all sweetly as he looks out of pudding smeared eyes.

He'll need a bath.

So you'll need to take the pudding away and take off his bib.

That will remind him that it is bedtime and he will want to protest.

But with promises of a fun, warm bath you may win his favor.

And you will be able to tuck him into his bed with the blessing of sweet dreams.

Here are a couple of pictures to accompany our story:

Too funny! He is really getting better about feeding himself. But he really got into that pudding!!

Here is a cute one on Jedidiah admiring the Christmas tree. We still need to take some pictures of the tree, but we wanted to get Jedidiah's reaction to it first. Every morning he points outside and says "something" about the trees. He kind of says the same thing when he is in awe. It's kind of like "ooooo oooootah". I have been translating it as "look at". So he thinks having a tree right in the house is really neat.

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Tracy said...

OMGosh!!!! Look at that mess! I bet you had a lot of fun cleaning it! :) Way too CUTE!

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