Friday, November 23, 2007

check out my new features

Ok, one doesn't work still, but I added my favorite links off there to the left. I only put up Isabella and Moira's blogs. When I have time I will add a bunch more. Please visit the girls sites and leave a little comment. It will really make their day. Isabella wrote up a post and it is not there. She may have saved it as a draft. So if you see that her last post was written 6 months ago, give her a bit of time and she will have a new one up.

We put up our Christmas tree. It is half way decorated. Only the bottom half is decorated. We needed to get new lights and bought 2 sets (we had the same two sets for the past 5 years). Well it seems that there are not the same amount of lights on the new set as there were on the old set as they only get half way up the tree. Ugh. I'll take some pictures when it's finished.

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