Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting ready

I have been in the kitchen all day. LITERALLY! I have been trying to cook ahead to make things easier for when I am with Jedidiah in the hospital and the week afterwards. So I made a bunch of waffles, 4 large pizza crusts, about 14 or so mini pizza crusts, a ton of garlic bread sticks, 2 dozen blueberry muffins, 4 french bread baguettes, a bunch of pita bread, and 3 loaves of bread (which I still have in the oven rising). I think that is it. I made up the grocery list for the first two weeks of Sept. I made sure to make things simple. I plan on making two of a few things to make the later dinners easier. So a lot of work up front, but it will pay big time later :-)

I have only cleaning to do now. My sister thinks that they will be able to come down still. They were having truck issues and it looks like things are ok. Please pray for their safe travel and that all the kiddos will be good.

Ok, I am tuckered out. I need to get the girls into bed. Jerry took BOTH feedings last night. That really made a big difference in how I felt today. I am sure that is why I was able to get so much done. Now he's all tired! So I am taking the 3 AM feeding. Which has been made worse since we went back to Alimentum. He kept throwing up on the soy formula. We are SSSOOOOO bummed about that for a few reasons. Number one, the soy formula is thinner and will go down quicker and the second, soy costs a lot less than the Alimentum. Oh well. I will need to put into practice some of the more extreme frugal practices :-) Like making my own laundry detergent, maybe hanging our clothes out when it isn't like 98% humidity, cut a bit back on AC, try using more beans and rice in our dinners, things like that. They are not really extreme, but they are being added to some of the things I do already.

Good night all. I will have to tell you later about my experience of juice fasting. I am in the middle of a two week juice fast. Nothing too exciting, but something I have wanted to do for a few years now. But you can't if you are nursing or pregnant. And I have been either/or AND sometimes both for over ten and a half consecutive years! I am doing neither at the moment so I saw this as my chance.

Talk to you all later.

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Sarah said...

Hi Kerri! I'm impressed by all that freezing - it is what I'm trying to do as I get a chance, since I'm due in about 3-4 weeks. I need to take notes here. :)

(I found your blog when your husband emailed us - maybe we'll see you soon!)

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