Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jedidiah is crawling!!!! And.....his neuro appt.

It finally happened! Jerry and I were sitting on opposite couches talking. I had put Jedidiah on the floor with his box of toys. He will usually find himself in different spots from all his scooting and pushing himself backwards across the floor while on his tummy. But as of yet he did not go forward. So we are chatting when we both see him out of the corner of our eyes move forward. We both stopped talking and asked if he just crawled? We thought he did, but weren't sure. So we put a tempting object in front of him and he crawled!!!!! I was so happy I started crying. I know, silly Mommy. It was just soooooo neat.

In other news we had his one year neurology appointment. I figured it would be a quick in and out, he's doing great, ,see you in six months kind of appointment. But not so. When you first come in they take his vitals, measure and weigh him and check his head circumference. Then off you go to the examining room, where you wait for the doctor to come. I knew something was up when another nurse came in and said she just needed to measure his head again.....hmmmmm... and why would that be? Oh, just to double check our numbers she replied. Oh, great, that can't be good. And it wasn't. Nothing too terrible, but his head is continuing to climb up the growth chart, as in climb up in percentile numbers. She said that she was concerned about the disparity between his head size and body size. His body size curve is the same shape as the other curves, just that his his way below all the other curves. Jedidiah has his own curve :-) So his body is growing, but his head is growing more so. So she called in another doctor, who was surprised he was so alert and active. (?????) He kept asking me if I was sure that Jedidiah hadn't lost any development or skills. I assured him he hadn't. So I wasn't sure what the doctor was thinking. He then asks if I can stay for them to get a urine sample. Come to find out that during his hospital stay months ago he had an abnormal result come back on his proteins, or something like that. So they wanted to recheck. Supposedly that could cause a road block of sorts and if it was happening in his head, could be the reason for his large head. Although he followed that up with the fact that he was surprised he was so alert and active. So I am assuming that a child with this protein problem would be exhibiting more symptoms than just a large head. And to be sure to cover their bases he will have another MRI tomorrow. So we get to do the no eating thing, and sedation and waiting for him to come to tomorrow. The actual MRI takes less than 10 minutes, it's everything else that takes so long. I am praying for favorable results. We are waiting to be scheduled for the g-tube. They need to coordinate with both GI doctors first. So it may be a few weeks.

Must be going, I need to make a bunch of stuff today. Pancakes, waffles, small pizza crusts, granola bars and blueberry muffins. I want to freeze most of it so that on our busy doctor visit days I have something to just pull out and warm up.

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