Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some new do's

Ok, I have a minute. Well sort of. We started a new routine and I actually didn't put computer time on it! Yikes, what was I thinking :-) Anyways I thought I would show you the before and after pics of Isa and Moira. And tell you just a bit about Jed. As a side note we don't actually call our children by their abbreviated names. It is just easier for me to write them that way.

Ok, here are the girls before we got their hair cut:

And now how they look after. This was right after they got it cut and so it took another day for their hair to 'settle'.

They love their new styles. And let me just tell you it has been wonderful for Moira as it was always a screaming fest around here come hair brushing time! Now she can brush her hair herself in a minute.

Now for a bit of an update on Jed. We went to see a kineseologist about two weeks ago. She also does chiropractic care as well. We have come to the end of our rope as far as getting answers for Jed. So we decided to seek alternative medicine. Well after one visit there was a huge change in Jed! He was a boy who wouldn't eat any real food (except pureed baby food). He wouldn't even put it in his mouth. He didn't put his hands or toys in his mouth except on a rare occasion. He was very quiet and didn't "talk" much. Well he had his first visit. Afterwards we went to get a snack and I was about to eat a granola bar. Jed reached out and grabbed it from my hand and stuffed it in his mouth!! Now he doesn't know how to chew, but he mouthed that thing and licked it and sucked on it for a long time. I was in total shock! Did you know that babies learn to chew by all the mouthing they do of their toys and hands? That is why Jed doesn't know what to do with food once it's in his mouth. Anyways after that he needed to be wiped off. HE always freaks out when you wipe him off with a wet cloth. So I was prepared for it, except it didn't happen, he actually started licking the wipe!! Unreal! Since then he has been putting all sorts of food in his mouth. And he is much more vocal! He is really telling us what he likes or doesnt' like. So that is it in a nutshell. We will continue to see the kinesiologist as she is the only one who has made a difference for Jed. We will still be going through with the g-tube. We are hoping he will be able to get it by the end of August. I am not looking forward for him being in the hospital (only an over night stay), or him being in pain for a week, but I am looking forward to our lives becoming more normal. It will be nice to not have everything we do revolve around his feedings :-)

Ok, gotta go wake up some kiddos.


Shereen said...

I will be back later to visit some more. Your children are so cute. Your daughters' hair was so long. Okay, I gotta hurry. Yes, the washing soda was in the regular detergent aisle. I found it at Publix, which is my regular local supermarket. I'm not sure which recipe you are following, but with the gel recipe you get a lot more detergent for your money. Each load comes out to one cent. Anyway, check your detergent aisle. Mine was in the same aisle, just a little further off from all the regular detergents. Mine was was the stain remover products, next to the Fel Naptha soap. I hope you are able to find it.

lindy said...

Thanks for your comment -- I think you're the only person who reads my blog! lol. Glad to hear that Jedidiah is finally getting help and starting to explore food - YEAH!!!

Oh and BRAVO to Isabella and Moira for donating their locks. I was growing mine while I was pregnant for "locks of love" but at 8 months I was annoyed, moody and impatient, and I chopped it off! :(

Angie said...

The girls are beautiful!
How sweet of them to donate their hair!!

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