Saturday, August 25, 2007

A crafty week

Some bloggers have what's called "Sew Crafty Friday". It's Saturday, but......well ok, so I'm late. A couple of weeks ago I felt the need to make something, so I pulled out my stash of yarn. I got a whole bunch of them at Walmart that they had on clarence. It was too good a price to skip out on (like 25 cents a piece!). I didn't know what I would do with it at the time. But here it all is, made into a cute little blanket. I don't have the dimensoins of it. It;s not big enough for an adult to use for covering up, but it works great for the kids.

The countdown is on for Jed's surgery. I am trying to make meals ahead of time to make things easier. The bummer is that we will be home on friday and Jerry will get paid on Saturday. I only buy groceries for the two week pay period, and then everything runs out and we need to go shopping come pay day. So I need to add on my to do list to make up a grocery list. That way Jerry will be able to do the shopping come that Saturday. It will all work out, but it's just bad timing. My sister is still hoping to come down. They have had some issues with their vehicle that may prevent them from doing so. Right now we will wait till the weekend is over to see how their truck is doing. I am sure there is other stuff going on right now, but I need to get going and get some stuff done. Hopefully I will write later.


Mom2fur said...

That blanket is gorgeous! I love the colors.

Good luck to Jed with his surgery!

Shereen said...

The blanket came out so cute. The colors are great. It looks good to cuddle up in. I will definitely be keeping Jed in our prayers, that it be the Lord guiding the doctor's hands. I hope you are able to get your grocery list done, and that Jerry will be able to do the shopping. It's hard when things run out all at the same time. I know you will be busy, but I hope you are able to update us on how everything went.

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