Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ten Years Ago Today.....

I gave birth to our first blessing! We can hardly believe that Isabella turned ten today! We called her the 'double digit girl'. She thought that was pretty cool. I will hopefully put up some pictures of the day. I still need to take one of her next to her birthday sign. I forgot to get one of Moira on her birthday. We went out to eat and she got to get her favorite meal. Then we went home and had cake. She designed the cake herself, and with the help of a few hands she made it herself as well. It is pretty impressive. It is an apron cake. It was very delicious. Tomorrow we will stop by the art store for her to get some scrap booking supplies as her gift. She is looking forward to it.

We had Jedidiah's MRI the other day. It went ok, except that they had to stick him too many times to get the IV in. I have to get the kiddos bathed and ready for church tomorrow so I don't have time to go into detail. We called today for the results and the on call doctor said that everything was normal. So that's good. We have a date for his g-tube. It will be on the 30th of this month. It works out perfectly for my sister to be here!! Yeah!!! Joe already had off a few days around that date so it will work out perfectly for them to be here for the 29th till the morning of the 1st. I won't be able to spend much time with them. But we will make that for another time. I am just so happy that they will be able to be here. The girls are so excited. I know they have been worried about us going into the hospital again. Although it is only an overnight stay, I think it brings back bad memories of his hospital stay in Feb. So they seem more relaxed about it as they have something to look forward to. Well let me get those pictures up. I have to say I am apprehensive about the g-tube, it seems to be a lot more work to take care of. Although it will make the actual feeding easier to deal with. And I am really looking forward to just looking into my little boys face with no tape on it! He's a tube taped to his face almost half of his life! I know there are MUCH worse things out there, don't get me wrong. But I am looking forward to seeing his glorious smile unimpeded by a tube and it's trappings.

The birthday girl and her birthday sign.

A picture of Isa with her cake (sideways) and the paper next to it is her planning sheet for the cake design.

All of us, minus Daddy as he was taking the picture. Poor Isabella had cut her thumb while cutting the Twizzler candies. Not a great thing to happen on your birthday.

She was very excited to receive this book!! She is only a 'little' obsessed with dogs, yeah just a little (the previous statement would win the understatement of the year award!).

When looking for a box to use as a base for the cake to rest on the girls brought down this HUGE box. That was a bit too big! So they played in it! Jedidiah thought this was great fun.

Just being a cutie pie. I have to figure out how to get videos on my blog. He looks so cute crawling. I need to get a video of him before he gets the crawling thing down pat.

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Angie said...

PTL!! AWWWWW Jed is crawling. So cute!!
I wish I could come up too to help.
I feel so helpless sometimes for the needs of my friends. You guys will be in our prayers!
Love and Blessings,

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