Monday, February 20, 2012

Stick blenders

Sorry if you are all tired of any giveaway posts that I have.  BUT in the past three weeks I have won Tropical Traditions Gold coconut oil, a book and a handcrafted honey dipper and rolling pin!  The girls and I are almost set to start making some homemade soap.  We are just waiting on some of our supplies to be shipped to us.  I was able to locate a used crock pot at the Goodwill that will be used to make soap.  I was hoping to find a used stick blender. So far no luck.  Imagine my surprise to see a giveaway for a new stick blender.  Well, seeing as how I can't start making my soap just yet, I thought I would enter.  Jeremiah bought me a new stick blender, but I haven't opened it yet.  Plus, after reading the Real Food Forager's wonderful ways of using her stick blender....I might just have to have two.  As a side note, there are tools that should be set aside exclusively for soap making, and a stick blender is one of them.  So if you want to know all the wonderful ways a stick blender can improve your life just hop on over to the Real Food Forager's blog to enter her giveaway :-)  BTW, there is only ONE thing that can truly improve your life...Jesus :-)

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