Friday, February 03, 2012

Getting a group shot

Getting a group shot of all the kiddos has proven difficult.  We were at the creek yesterday and I decided to give it yet another try.  I decided to put up all the pics I took, just so that you can see what I have to 'work' with :-)  I chose one to edit, and put that one at the end.  It does appear that I will be making another attempt in the future.  Ha!

Things working against me...The sun went down behind the trees, goats out of sight from the camera were distracting Aubrey, Jed would NOT look at the camera, then Jed got upset about a stick, and girls who decided they had enough and started acting silly.  Oy.

Not sure if this is really the best one.  I kind of like the ones with their arms around each other.  I hope this gets posted without the blur.  For some reason while in editor mode my pics look all blurry.  They do not look blurry on Window's Explorer.  Go figure.


Sarah Faith said...

Aw, just great! I'm learning to embrace the "live action" shots where someone just won't face the camera, smile, or whatever... it's bound to reveal more about their personality than a stony smile, hey? :)

Kerri said...

I totally agree with you!! I've been trying to get a shot more for grandparents sakes :-) I love trying to capture just 'them' and not the fake smiles. Or the silly smiles, or the....:-)

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