Monday, February 06, 2012

A new series

I thought about starting a new series.  I mentioned in my last "Big Changes" post about buying a set of DVD's.  I thought I would talk more about them.  The content is something I want to remember, and writing about it will help with that.  Writing is a written form of narration.  See, even the big folk around here do "school" :-)  Due to the nature of the content I can't write about everything the DVD's have to say, but I thought I would pick out one or two points to share with you.  We are trying to watch one dvd a day.  There are 49 dvd's and cd's...just in the first half of the series!!  I suppose that will give me a lot to share :-)  The second half has 42 or 43 dvd's and cd's as well. 

The dvd series that I am talking about is the S.M. Davis' "Help for Rebels".  It is important to note that I am only going to share small pieces, just one or two points from each dvd.  He makes it very clear that you can not take a few points to try out.  You have to do all of them to change a rebel around.  Hopefully you do not have a rebel that needs turning around!  We do.  Thankfully we've seen great changes in the time we've made the changes that we have.  We have currently watched the first 4 dvd's and I can say that we have a lot more work ahead of us.  That work will mostly be needed from Jeremiah and myself.  Davis explains that changing the heart of a rebel is the easy part, it's changing the parents (which is a must) that's the hard part.  Even the worst of rebels can be changed in a matter or 2 weeks time!  But parents, with their deep seated bad habits and sins, well....that takes longer.

The first dvd was an introduction to the whole series.  The biggest idea to take away from it was the question, "Are you willing to pay the price?".  Are we willing to do *what ever* it takes to win back the hearts of our children.  Before we started these videos we were already changing things around in our family so that we could focus on reaching our children's hearts. 

I look forward to sharing what I am learning as we go along.  This most certainly will be a process.  Learning, tweaking, learning, making mistakes, tweaking...and above all PERSEVERING!


Sarah Faith said...

Would love to hear more about this. My husband and I really enjoyed an audio series called "Parent Effectiveness Training." Have you heard of it? So many good points and techniques there. But in all the main takeaway is that you can't control another person and most family change starts with me. So true! Similar also to Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.

Kerri said...

No, I haven't heard of that audio series. It sounds like there could be similarities between the series. I will have to look into it. I have a feeling though that with all the dvd's we have in front of us to watch, it may be awhile :-)

I haven't read the 7 Habits book either. Where have I been ;-)

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