Friday, February 24, 2012

Missing in Action

We got our truck load of composted dirt!  It is wonderful to see things coming together!!  Just wanted to pop in and say I may go missing in action in the coming weeks.  It all depends on how things around here go.  I plan on having, what I am going to call, "Boot Camp 2012".  Exciting stuff to be sure ;-)  Some how my children do not think so.  How odd :-)  We have made so much wonderful progress, and we don't want it to stop.  There are many bad habits that we all have here at our house.  So my focus over the coming month is to start some good habits.  With 7 children, that is going to take a lot of effort.  A lot.  I plan on shutting down the computers during the day time.  I will be turning one back on after the children go to bed as Jeremiah and I have a LOT of dvd's to watch in the parenting dvd series.  If I am not falling on my face after that, I may try to keep track of our progress.  But if not, just know we are working hard over here :-)

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