Friday, July 16, 2010


That would be relaxin the pregnancy hormone, not the relaxin' of putting up your feet :-)  I finally got to see our chiropractor yesterday.  I was having my usual issues, hip/knee/ankle pain and a past issue of a pinched nerve in my neck that gives me a headache.  That headache lasted two full weeks with a couple of days off before it started back up. Thankfully it is more annoying than painful, but after two weeks I was pretty through with having it.  If you have never been to a chiropractor who practices applied kinesiolgy I highly recommend it.  I'm not sure how it all works, but basically she will pinch certain muscles and test their strength to determine which organs or systems are not working properly.  As she was adjusting my back I thought it odd that my mid back had a lot of adjusting that happened.  Before I said anything she told me that the mid back area is responsible for your immune system.  She told me my immune system was very depressed and then asked if I was sick.  Yup, I told her, with the month long cough thingie that is going on in our household. 

She had to a lot of adjusting of my legs (by pulling on my heals and whatnot).  I thought that was odd.  Afterwards she told me to expect that my right knee might be sore later (it was my right  knee that had the pain in it that made me make the appointment).  She told me that my relaxin was at work already.  And that it had relaxed the ligaments/tendons, not sure which, around my tibia.  My tibia was rotated outwards.  She said that she had never had anyones tibia actually click back into place like mine did.  I feel special now :-)  Why do we seem to get those types of 'special awards'?  Any which way, it's back into place now. 

I was very happy to hear that she thinks that by keeping my hips in alignment at the end of pregnancy that it should help with delivery.  Basically with all my children my hips have been horribly misaligned.  That makes the inner hip circle into more of an oval making it very hard for large headed babies to make their exit.  I'm not sure how hard it is on the babies, but I can attest it is very hard on this momma :-)

I also found out my adrenals are in high gear. She told me I need to find a way to deal with my stress.  If not then by the third trimester I will be feeling very fine, but only because the baby's adrenals will be kicking in and providing my lack of chemicals that I need.  What that means for the baby is that it will be very prone to getting sick.  Not something I look forward to especially since the baby is due in winter when sickness abounds anyways!  So I need to start practicing my relaxation techniques now.  I am thinking that might have been the problem with Flannery.  I was VERY stressed in her pregnancy due to many issues.  And that child got sick when she was only ten days old.

Big day today, our cleaning deadline for the party tomorrow.  Moira chose an ice cream cake for her party.  We still need to go get her pinata and decorations.  But before we can do that we have to finish our cleaning.  I have two large drawers and on small drawer to finish in the kitchen before I am done with all our cabinets.  Phew!  Can't wait.  It is so nice to be able to put things away or get them out without wrestling with the chaos.  I wish now that I had taken some 'before' photos.  But everything was sooooo messy I couldn't bring myself to do it. Off to work I go!

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