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I already started a post on this topic, but decided that it was a bit drawn out :-)  So I thought that I would just give you some links to start off with if you are interested in this diet and from there you can probably use google to help your search.  Please note that this is not a "diet" in the 'I need to loose weight' category.  This diet is one for healing.  Healing what?  Well there is a VERY long list of illnesses/diseases that it helps to heal.  I'll give you a short run down of who should be on this diet.  Basically if  your mother or you have taken any of the following, then you need to be on this diet:  Have been vaccinated, been on birth control, have taken multiple rounds of antibiotics throughout your life.  And I think it is safe to say that *most* people fit in this category (at least here in the USA).  Now when you go to the below sites do not let the list of 'biggies' throw you off and make you think you don't need this.  I think a lot of people gloss over the fact that they have some seasonal allergies and think that beyond that they are healthy.  Any allergy is a symptom of the fact that your immune system is not working properly.  Maybe you don't have any of the biggies, but you might experience fuzzy thinking, or lack of energy, or a host of minor symptoms that you probably think just comes with age.  Well that would be true, except it only comes with age due to the damage that has been done by the meds we have taken and the poor diets we have been feeding ourselves.  So do check out this diet and see if you or a loved one might find relief from your dis-ease.
GAPS diet
GAPS guide
GAPS -more info
Gaps-more info

Well I think that should suffice for now :-)

I have been pondering when and how I will be implementing this diet.  There are two parts to the diet.  The Intro Diet and the Full Diet.  The intro diet is broken down into six phases, the first being the most limiting.  And I do mean *limiting*!!  However that is where the gut can actually heal like it needs to from all the abuse it has taken.  The problem for me is that I can not do the Intro Diet while pregnant.  So I have to wait till the baby is born.  My wee little plan is to wait a few months after the baby is born and then work my way backwards to phase one,each phase lasting a few weeks to a month.  I can start the Full Diet now, and it is highly advised that I do in the reading.  But for everyone else that means a few things.  The first being that they will all have to wait at least nine months before we start our way working backwards to phase one.  The problem is that some of them really, really need to be on this diet NOW. This diet can take anywhere from six to eighteen months for children, so really I don't want to wait forever to start.  Jed really needs it for many, many reasons!  He is obviously not absorbing food properly as the amount of food he eats compared to the amount of weight he has gained does not equal up.  Not to mention that even though we supplemented him with iron he was still pale a clean white sheet!  That is probably due to the bad bacteria/yeast in his gut consuming the iron before his gut can absorb it.  Plus with a healthy gut he will be able to detox properly.  He might still have symptoms, but hopefully they won't be as severe as we have seen in the past when we have tried to detox him from the mercury. 

The problem I am having with starting everyone on this now is that they will see me eating "forbidden" foods on a daily basis, which might make for some extremely unhappy children.  I did come up with a plan early this morning, that might work.  Since I still plan on working our way backwards into the diet (in hopes of easing any die-off symptoms) I could make multiple batches of the 'forbidden' foods to freeze for me later, that way while they are in the most limited stages they won't smell all the 'good' stuff cooking.  Then I will have to just eat my food in another room, behind a locked door :-)  Well something like that anyways.  Hopefully this will mean that by the time the baby comes they will be in the last stages of the diet, making cooking a bit easier, since they will be able to have more variety.  And hopefully since I will be practicing making all of the needed fermented foods I will have a system down before the baby comes.  Or at least have helpers to take over in those early weeks of newbornhood. 

Well off to make up my grocery list.  Next month (which is only days away!) we start schooling again....towards the end of the month.  With our new approach means I need a new routine/system.  So I need to write up a plan of action for our schooling and new diet.  I really enjoy the planning part.....I just don't really have the talent for the implementation part!!!  Ha, Ha!!  Not to mention I really need to get on the ball finding a new midwife.  I will be 17 weeks this Friday!  I think I need to find someone before this pregnancy is half finished, don't you? 

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Sarah Schatz - menus for limited diets said...

You may have already figured out what to do in terms of the diet, but what I would suggest is putting yourself and your children on the Full GAPS diet first. That way you're all eating the same thing, and you can eat full GAPS while you're pregnant. It would be good for you to start it now rather than wait until later, because once the baby comes, it may be hard to start then too. Also, if you're going to breastfeed, you can't do the intro anyway until they aren't nursing as much. So, ease everyone and yourself onto the Full GAPS diet and then go onto the intro when you're ready down the road. You can still get a lot of benefit from the Full GAPS diet. good luck!

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