Monday, July 12, 2010

A rapper in the family

With all of our craftiness (of the textile kind) you might think we have a 'wrapper' in the family.  One who has the gift of packaging items in lovely creations.  Nope, not that kind.  There was no typo in my title.  The rapper I am talking about is of the musical kind.  Kind of funny to think of one of my children and rapping in the same sentence, but tis true, tis true.  It came about after a week long runners camp.  Some people from our church made up a rap song to help the kids remember how to study their Bible.  Isabella came home the first day and declared that she was going to rap the song in front of the church.  At the end of camp week they have the campers come up and sing the song.  We thought her declaration was a bit bold, but behold she was right.  She practiced and memorized the lines all week.  Today she and a few other kids did the rap while the other campers sang the course.  The video is below.

The girls loved the camp.  I know Moira was a bit apprehensive to think that she might have to be running, all day, all week long.  But such was not the case.  At first there were devotions in the morning, then the kids rotated through different stations where they learned each track event.  They also had water games and snack time.  Everyone had a great time!  I was a bit concerned since this is July in the South.  Not exactly the best time temperature wise.  And lo and behold after twelve years since the running of this camp they had the highest temperatures yet.  Not exactly a record I wanted to see broken.  Thankfully the kids did fine, we did have Flannery come home one day needing to take a few minutes with a frozen bag of peas on her head to cool down.  I think she may have had heat exhaustion.  After the week long camp they put on a full fledged track meet.  For the most part it went well.  Moira was disappointed that she didn't make it into the finals for her field events, although she did place sixth in discus and received a ribbon for it.  Only the top three highest scoring kids got to go to the finals for the field events. 

Our first runner of the family to be in an event was Saoirse.  She decided to run the 400 meters.  I stood at the half way mark to cheer her on, then ran over to the other side of the field to cheer her to the finish line.  At the half way mark she was looking good, smiling at me and running strong.  But the last 30 meters or so she started to cry and wanted to stop.  There were many children who did that throughout the night and either one of their parents or their camp counselor would come along side of them and run in (or walk in some cases) with them to the finish line.  Jeremiah ran out there with her to help her in to the finish line.  Come to find out the poor girl had a side ache the whole time and had a hard time breathing!  So she did not have fun running.  Isabella was brave and entered many running races.  The first being the 100 meters.  Her knees had been bothering her a bit after a week of running and the 100  meters kind of brought that back up.  Her next event was the 400 meters.  She did well, running wise, but the poor girl couldn't breathe at the end.  It scared her and we needed to calm her down and take in slow deep breaths.  But that did not deter her from doing the hurdles and the 200 meters (which she had a hard time breathing afterwards as well).  But I was proud of her persistence to persevere.  Moira ran the hurdles and I was very glad that the event went well for her.  She was happy with her race. Flannery ran the 400  meters and she did very well, most certainly she is our natural athlete.  She was way ahead of the other girls in her race.  But she did slow up a bit as she hasn't learned about pacing herself yet :-)  But she had fun. The meet went late, we left there around 11 pm!  Everyone totally crashed before or as soon as we returned home. I think they are all looking forward to next years camp.  Although the camp only goes to age 12, so Isabella can only participate as a helper.  But something tells me that she will do well in that position :-) 

A long week for the girls. This week will prove to be a bit busy with Moira's birthday tomorrow (!), a homeopathic appointment and a chiropractic appointment.  Then we need to come up with some plans for Moira's birthday party at the end of the week.  She's invited a few friends of hers for a party.  Someone asked me if they could bring anything....ha, ha!  I told her I had NO clue what we were having or doing at this point.  The older girls like to make up their party plans and then we go over them together to see what will be feasible.  Sometimes they have grand plans, quite outside of the birthday budget. 

Check out our rapper.  The other three girls are in the stands off to the left, but you can only see Saoirse due to their orientation.

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