Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pulsatilla is my friend

Pulsatilla happens to be a homeopathic remedy.  I'm not sure if I can sum up my most recent appointment with our homeopathic doctor in less than a novel, let alone my phone conversation with my sister afterwards.  All good!  Lots of information and a wonderful sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  For the past two weeks I have been feeling very depressed and fearful/worrisome.  Now it is normal for me to feel more worrisome during pregnancy, it's just something that comes along with the hormones I suppose.  However these past two weeks were beyond what I would consider normal for a pregnancy.  I had a hard time getting things done, which had nothing to do with any physical issue. I was overly fearful of simple things.  So as I was speaking with the dr. he told me that the pulsatilla I was on was supposed to help with the mood swings of pregnancy.  However the lycopodium I was on was counteracting the pulsatilla.  The lycopodium was for the side effects of yeast and for my sugar cravings.  And the nat-m was for my heart.  So he was trying to figure out what we needed to keep and which remedy may need to be dropped.  He asked me a couple of times of any other symptoms.  The problem with that question, which I learned from Jedidiah's care, is that the oddest things may be a symptom.  So we were about to end our call when I told him how I was really getting tired of the fear and to illustrate my point I told him how I am normally afraid of bugs.  But the past week or so when I am outside if a bug flies anywhere near me I *freak* out.  Like scream, jump, and my heart starts racing and I am trembling.  Way beyond normal.  So the dr. had an ah-ha moment.....the fear of bugs happens to be covered by the nat-m I am on.  And if any of you remember how homeopathy works you will know that a remedy, when too strong, will exasperate your symptoms.  Since I have a fear of bugs, the nat-m was making it worse because the dosage was too high!  Who would of thought!  So due to a cough I had he put me on a lower dosage of pulsatilla every hour, along with my nightly higher potency of pulsatilla.  I slightly coughed all of one time today!!  Yeah, a huge improvement.  Plus the pulsatilla is supposed to help with my depression.  I'm not sure if it is the information I got the other day that is helping with my mood, or the pulsatilla, either way I feel so much better today.
It is late and I won't have the time to go into detail of the astounding (at least it was to me) information that my sister read in her most recent Weston Price Foundation (WPF) magazine.  It was funny because before I sent her their mail she told me to keep the magazine to read and send it the next time.  But I know how I love new magazines so I decided to send it her way.  So when I talked to her she told me, "You *really* should have kept the magazine and read it!"  No problem, because she filled me in :-)  If you want the full details of the link between mercury, systemic yeast and a whole host of "issues" ranging far and wide you will need to get the latest magazine from the WPF.  Or you can wait till I put up a summary when I have the time :-)  Fascinating stuff though.

Before I go I just wanted to share that I got a ton of stuff done today!  I am finally getting to cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  They still had all the saw dust in the back and corners from when Jeremiah redid the counter tops.  Part of my job cleaning out the cabinets was to reorder them and move some things around.  We had a plastic box filled with odd and end game pieces that needed to all go back to their home.  A lot of game pieces!  And I had 'help' from the boys as well :-)  It got finished, it just took a while! 

And lastly, but very importantly, please pray for Saoirse.  She got this 'bug' bite on her belly button.  She woke up with it the other day.  It was itchy, swollen, pink and hard to the touch.  Benadryl didn't do anything for it.  So this morning it was the same, not better, but at least not worse. So I've been trying a remedy, which helps with the itching.  That at least prevents her from scratching at it and making it raw.  However, now she started a cough.  That really isn't totally out of possibilities as we have been taking turns with this month long cough.  But this cough takes so long I just can't remember if she was one of the first to have gotten it.  So is this the start of the month long cough, or is it a new one?  I might be feeling better, but I really am not in the mood to have other things pop up to take the place of my depression!!  Ha!  If it doesn't get better soon I will probably call the homeopathic doctor.  Seriously, when we have an acute illness, homeopathy works quicker than conventional medicine.  But a call costs money.....and that doesn't grow on trees (although my girls convinced the younger two girls that it did!).  So I will see if my treating it will be the ticket, if not I know I have the option to call.

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