Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belated Birthday post

It’s a bit on the late side, but here are a few pictures from Moira and Jonah’s birthdays. ‘I only uploaded a couple pictures from each due to the fact that each picture takes about 5 minutes to upload. If the process is interfered with then blogger cancels out all pictures that had uploaded thus far making you start over. So in order to keep my sanity I chose to put the odds in my favor 

Moira had a defunct piñata. It eventually worked out, and everyone had fun. She chose to have an ice cream cake. She had chosen vanilla, but there was one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla. She was not too pleased as she didn’t want any chocolate in it at all. Somehow the cake all got eaten up anyways! Moira enjoyed having some friends over to celebrate. It was short and sweet….very sweet with all that piñata candy.

Jonah had just a wee little family party with cupcakes. He kept trying to grab the lighted candle while we were singing the birthday song to him! Silly boy. Jed couldn’t understand why we were not singing to *him* as he really thought all birthdays belonged to him! He kept saying, “Mine? Mine?” Meaning- my birthday? Sorry kiddo you only get one. Jonah really loved his truck with animals that came with it. The only down side is that the truck doors pop off very, very easily. But the boys do not know how to put them back on. So for the first week or so I spent a lot of time ‘fixing’ the truck.

Here are the pictures:

This last one is of Jeremiah singing to Moira. 

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