Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some GOOD news to share!!

So much happens around here! Now please do not be upset if you were hoping to get a personal call about our good news. I am putting this here, so as to make sure everyone gets the news. I don't want anyone to fall through the cracks. Our good news is, if you noticed my blogs' title then it will make sense....

Our hands are about to get fuller!!!

We are EXCITED to anticipate a new Pechin come this July!!! Please note the bold word :-) We know that not everyone shares our same convictions on family size, but we ask everyone to rejoice with us. We feel very blessed to have another blessing on the way. The due date is July 10th. I am 6 weeks along right now. I feel pretty good. I get a bit queasy here and there and get very tired by 9 pm. Other than that all is well. In the past the "real" all day sickness started between 6-8 weeks, so this wee bit of queasiness could get a lot worse.

The girls are all VERY excited as well. They can not stop talking about the new baby. Or in Flannery's case: the new babies (that's what she says). They are all hoping for a boy, especially Isabella. Isabella has been hoping for a boy since when I was pregnant with Flannery. Now just for the record, we were not trying for a boy. We would of course be very happy if we could add some blue around the house, but we will be just as tickled with more pink. And anyways, I'm pretty used to pink by now, pink is what I know! I won't know what to do if we had a boy!!! Ha, ha!

This baby will bring a lot of changes around here. We need to redo the bedroom situation, and figure out how to get our van to accommodate us all. But we know that the Lord will work it all out. And Lord willing we will have another homebirth. We've had the last two at home and look forward to welcoming this baby at home as well.

Well, there is schooling to finish up and a bit more sunlight left to run outside for a quick break. Enjoy your day.


Maurice said...


Angie said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for YOU
Check this out
Love You Bunches,

The Moore's said...

Congratulations Pechin's!

We're happy to hear your news (and to hear from you period!)

We miss having y'all in easy travelling range. Maybe we can gather sometime around Christmas or New Year's.

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