Monday, November 14, 2005

Hey, it works! I can post pics in a post. OK, I'm excited. It will be a lot easier than my other blog. This pic was taken a week ago at our backyard s'more bonfire. We had a family from church over and had hot dogs and then went out back to make some s'mores over a fire. The funny thing was this is november and it was like 60 something degrees out!!! So it kind of lost some of the "flair" of a real bonfire. But none the less we all had a great time. I need to go wake up Flannery now so I'll write more later. It's 70 out now and only today and tomorrow will be so warm, then it will get *cold* out. Well, temps in the 50's will feel cold compared to 70's! I know, I know, the hardships of living in the south! I know you all feel for me :-) Ok, a draw back is I don't see any smilies! That will be a big drawback for my girls who like to leave comments filled with all the crazy smilies! They will be so upset. I may have to keep my other blog up just for that.

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