Saturday, February 06, 2016


For the first time in about two years I have been on a crochet spree :-)  This is a good thing.  After not crocheting for over a year solid, I have been making things left and right.  I've made two scarves, about 4 hats, two small sweater/vests for Merida (LOVE this pattern...though you have to watch the video and take notes to get the actual pattern, or you could follow along.  It is a quick project), and a family of birds (which still need to be put together).  I have been trying to take pictures of the things that I have made, but I've had some issues with my camera, and then the memory card.  So for now, I just have a picture of one of the hats.  I made these things with the anticipation of it being **winter**, which we did have for about 3 days!!

A rainbow hat for Merida.

I tried to 'blend' the colors, and I'm not sure it turned out as I had envisioned it, but it is pretty non the less.

This was decidedly NOT a *winter* day, though this was taken last week.  And clearly we have some learning in the matching clothes department ahead of us :-)  But as you will see below, he's not the only one with this needed skill.

Aubrey was standing in the hole that they made.  I suppose we can use these holes as a security know, a robber comes through, falls in one of the holes and breaks his leg.  Effective, I would say.

The baby swing is broken, so Merida likes to try out the big kid swing.

Aubrey and Merida checking things out in the woods.  The cat followed them everywhere they went.

The cat checking out Merida's finds.

Jonah was busy trying to throw a chain up in the tree.  We have a piece of chain that was used for the swings, and Jonah in particular is obsessed with it!  Which is dangerous as he likes to swing it around.  Oy.

This was Merida's choice of clothing on one particular chilly day.  Layers, and well...look at that combo :-)  Though when you are two, you can pretty much get away with such things.

Merida wearing her new hat.  It is a bit large on her, but it kept her warm (it was actually cold out, you know like 44*).

Look at those cheeks!

She had gotten an 'ouchie' and was trying to show it to me (it was one of those invisible ouchies).  It was time to come in as we were all getting chilled.

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