Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

We had two celebrations for Valentine's day.  The first was for the littles at our homeschool Valentine's party. They really looked forward to this as they clearly remember how  much fun it was last year.  Then the older one's had a party here at our house for they and their friends.  All I have to say is all these kids, who used to be like 10 years old and shorter than me are now 18 and taller than me, made me feel like I missed a few years of life :-)  Woah!    Here are pictures of the littles at their party:

 First stop was the craft room. Jedidiah's whole purpose for being at this party was for the candy!  Oy.  He whipped through everything as quickly as he could so he could eat sugar.  I wish I could say that it was funny, but it was not. I was about to send him to the van till the party was over, except I couldn't as the girls were volunteering in the game room.  Jonah on the other hand was very careful and thorough in his crafting.  He took his time with everything he did.

 Merida was so content to do the heart craft with her brothers.  She seriously spent about 20 minutes or more working on her heart! Pretty impressive for a 2 year old.

 Aubrey working on his heart.  He did a great job, and had fun.

 For some reason he found getting out of his chair a challenge. He had to wait till Merida moved out of the way.

 Merida making the funniest faces at the other kids.

 Aubrey's heart up close.

 You can see that Jonah took his time to fill his heart in.

 Off to the next craft of weaving yarn around heart shaped vines.  Both Jonah and Aubrey gave it a go.  Jed did as well, but he got frustrated by the yarn slipping off.  For some reason wrapping the yarn around the vine to keep it in place was totally unacceptable to him.

 Aubrey working on his vine heart.

 The station all the kids were waiting for.....decorate your own cupcake!

 Jed was so desperate for sugar that he just threw on some toppings and called it good.  I think a sugar detox is in order for him!!!!

 Aubrey showing off his cupcake.

 I think Aubrey went back to put on a few more additions, but this was how it looked until he changed his mind on needing more toppings :-)

 Merida went topping free.  After she ate half of her cupcake, and seeing how cool her brothers' cupcakes looked she insisted on some toppings of her own.  I went and grabbed a few to throw on her last couple of bites.

 Jonah spent a lot of time making up his cupcake creation (at least in comparison to the others).


Chillin.  After this they played a few rounds of Bingo.  By then it was time to grab our Valentine boxes and go.  The girls had a lot of fun with their game station.  Once again it was very popular and they continually had more kids then they had spaces for!

 On Valentine's day itself the big kids had a party here at our house.  They set up in Bella's room, as the plan was to watch a movie in there for part of the party.  Which, never happened!  Oh well.  I assure you all the food was still consumed :-)

 Little boys knew where the good stuff was :-)

 Party supplies.  For some reason people did not seem to know that they were there, and I had a dishwasher full of glass jars.  Go figure.

 The girls spent a bunch of time decorating cupcakes.

Flowers and cards.  The flowers were from Jeremiah.  There are 5 white roses and one red (for the 5 girls and I).  The cards are from the boys and girls.  Sweetness!

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