Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our gardening work, and a preggers picture

So, here I was feeling pretty good about this pregnancy.  As some of you know I get a wee bit worried about the baby's size, and my size :-)  I wish I could be exercising more, but with my magnesium issues and back to back sinus/illness issues that area is a bit slack. Moira and I are exercise partners and we try to encourage each other to get up and move.  That has helped. 

But then, I got the crazy notion to take a picture of my belly.  There has definitely been a growth spurt for this baby in the past 5 days, but my goodness, I had no idea I was this BIG!!  Ha!  I am 18 weeks along, almost half way.  I don't feel as big as I look, so I suppose that is good!  Without further ado, here is an outside look of our growing babe (a boy babe...for sisterly competition jabs :-)).


It has been so nice out today, perfect outside working day weather. And that is just what everyone was up to. Except me. I got out there to hang laundry, and take pictures, but there were dishes calling my name. Here is everyone else at work:

Jeremiah pulled up the wood around the garden beds, and transferred them to the front.  So far the only thing really to grow well (besides some bell peppers) have been the strawberries.  The amount we go through as a family is, well, a lot!  So we decided to make this whole area into a strawberry patch.

 A bunch of roots that the kids dug up.  Our whole property was laden with trees, so there are roots everywhere.

 Transferring a lone blueberry bush from the back to the front yard.

 Moira transplanting strawberry runners.

 Saoirse helping in the transplanting efforts.

Jonah was doing a great job loosening up the soil...until he discovered if he dug in the fork tines he could ride the handle like a horse!  Eventually his weight won out and there would be dirt flying every where. The dirt is definitely well loosened now :-)

The goats were let into the dog area to eat some greens.  They LOVE that.

I can't get my cursor to move past this last picture.  Below you see Isabella watching over the two non working boys.  They both did help out for a while, but found the trampoline more enticing.  Off to fix some lunch for my hungry crew!

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