Saturday, August 17, 2013

How can this be?

Time, it's a funny thing.  We either don't have enough of it, or it goes too slow, or  we have too much on our hands, or we loose track of it.  Either way I look at it, it appears that Time has played a nasty trick on me.  Either that, or I failed to observe one of the major rules of a parent....I blinked.

You see, tomorrow, my baby, my first born, the one who should still be a toddler (right?) is turning sweet sixteen.  SIXTEEN, people.  That is a 1, and a 6.  How can this be? 

Whoever coined the phrase, "the days are long, but the years are short", I am pretty sure they had kids.  I remember very distinctly thinking the crying, diapers, cleaning up after, tantrums, etc...were never going to end.  And since I've been in that stage for 15 years, I think it just sort of snuck up on me. 

Isabella has a bonfire party planned at the horse barn.  Unfortunately it looks like it may have to be put off as it is raining today.  Either way, I am sure the event will be fun.  We have a rain date set, and I am hoping all her friends that will be able to come tomorrow will be able to reschedule if we need to. 

I guess I had always thought we would do something 'big' for this day, but she just wants to hang out with her friends at the barn, dancing (ballroom), indulging in some snacks and cake, all around a bonfire.  Her birthday dinner will happen tonight, if the party is still on, and if not, we'll have it tomorrow on her actual birthday.  She requested alfredo (no chicken), watermelon, and the beloved cranberry sauce. 

So it is back to cleaning up.  We had fallen behind last weekend and are having to make up for it today. We have to learn to stick to our schedule on the weekend. I had been more relaxed about the weekends, but no more. 

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