Friday, August 23, 2013

One of those days!

Yesterday... yesterday was one of those days. After three posts about scheduling (with two more to come, homeschooling and our consequence sheet) we had a bummer of a day.  I am praying that today will not be a repeat, we shall see.  This really starts a few days ago though, the impact of those days was more on my sanity than anything else.  Let us just say that no matter WHAT holiday or celebration is coming next it WILL NOT be celebrated with gluten and sugar. Oh. My. Goodness.  The collective impact of all these birthdays decided to show up the day after Isabella's birthday.  Pretty much everyone is having some sort of health issue.  Most very minor.  Thankfully! But for Saoirse?  Words can not describe how horrid it has been!  I was ready to rush the child off to see a psychologist!  Seriously, though, she was losing it.  She had real, though greatly thrown out of proportion, physical ailaments.  But she followed me around for the first 48 hours after the birthday telling me of E. V. E. R. Y.    S. I. N. G. L. E. ache, pain, tickle, itch, lump, bump, etc.  This would happen every 30 to 60 seconds the first day.  NO JOKE.  The next day it was about every two minutes.  She cried and cried and cried over it all, and more.  It was very hard on her and I.

Thankfully by the third day she at least had half a day of no big problems, but they popped up that evening.  The next day, yesterday, I felt would prove to be much better.  I knew it was going to be a good 3 to 5 days before the gluten and sugar were done with their work.  Yesterday morning, I was getting breakfast ready.  Saoirse pulls up a chair, as far into the kitchen as she could, without being in my way.  Um, this can't be good.  She then embarked on moaning and whining about how much her tummy hurt.  At first I thought it was a matter of needing to eat.  The past two days she was filled with fear of choking and wouldn't eat anything that wasn't soft.  That pretty much meant eating only fruit.  But she kept going on and on and on and on!  It became evident that she was actually sick with a tummy bug.  She spent (as did I) the rest of the morning on the couch...crying, moaning, whining.  At some point she kept saying, "It won't come up, it won't come up."  Bingo, I knew a remedy for THAT!  I never, never, never get a homeopathic remedy right for my kids tummy issues. But that particular symptom I *knew*.  I got her the remedy, and in 15 minutes she was feeling better, and by 45 minutes she was herself again.  PHEW!

Through this all, it also became evident that *I* was fighting off something, as my magnesium levels were taking a huge hit!  So I was couch ridden until almost 2 PM. By then Flannery and Moira were in full sick mode as well, though not with a tummy bug.  They had all over body aches, sore throat, weakness, that sort of thing.  Really?  At some point in the late morning Aubrey came up to me with a book and wanted me to read to him.  He also likes to have a milky snack when reading a book :-)  Now, we've been going AC free this past week (more on that in another post) and it was pretty hot in the house.  BUT, my mommy radar picked up that he felt a bit too warm.  I tried to blow it off.  I was trying to deny the fact that this hotness I felt was a fever.  Um, yeah, you know how that ended up!  By evening he had a full blown 102* fever.  Thankfully he was full of energy and acting totally normal.  Very weird. 

So what does this all mean?  It meant that the schedule was blown out the window :-)  We ate popcorn for lunch and homemade french fries for dinner.  No joke.  Sad, I know.  But I had NO energy, my oldest was at horses, Jeremiah was out helping someone in need, and the next two oldest were sick as well.  Before heading to bed, I heard Jonah coughing. Of course I was hoping it was just because he had something in his throat.  That thought went out the window when we woke up this morning and he is coughing, coughing, coughing....and on top of that is feeling slightly warm to the touch. 

Thankfully my energy levels seem to be a bit better today.  I am very thankful that when Jeremiah got home last night he did a ton of dishes.  So my goal today is to keep on top of dishes, make sure that laundry keeps going, and maybe, just maybe get in a bit of school work for those who aren't too sick.  One thing I am hoping to get done is my chart for earning or losing computer time.  I made up a messy list, but I need to organize it on two sheets, and make a way to keep track.  The schedule has truly been my 'path' out of the chaos we have been living in for years.  BUT, even though we are a month in, there have been far too many kiddos trying to slack off.  My goal is to not be the one that has to make everything run smoothly around here.  Ok, that might not have come out right.  I AM the one who is in charge to make things run, but my olders are old enough now to read what is next on the schedule and actually *DO* it.  I know that Isabella's horse instructor does not follow her around, telling her what job is next to do.  I KNOW that doesn't happen, and so there is no reason that she can not do the same here :-)

Anyways, sorry for the whining and complaining!  I need to jump back on the wagon, and pick up where we left off. 

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