Friday, March 08, 2013

Some blender love

My new blender arrived right in the middle of a goat giving birth :-)  The UPS driver was quite astounded to be able to pet a newborn goat!  Ha!  This blender was long awaited for.  I've read on my other sites how great the Vitamix performs, and have seen it during demos at Whole Foods.  Talk about blender envy!!!  I kind of wished I took pictures of my old blender, but as soon as I walked in with my new one I threw the old one away ASAP!!  I was done with our blender contents leaking all over the place and the unit constantly shorting out.  We have been using the Vitamix multiple times a day and I am still amazed at how well it works.  My nut milks are now divine!  I have been able to sneak in carrots, avocado and kale into smoothies and not one child has noticed.  Granted they thought the color was off.  I made a strawberry smoothie and they took it for chocolate :-)  But there are no little bits of green or orange like my other blender would have left, giving me away before they even took one sip!

 Oooh, a thrilling red!  Ha, ha.

 The first time I used this machine Aubrey *freaked* out!  It is loud when put into high speed. But now he's getting used to it.  See, he even knows where the tamper goes.

Going to make some nut milk.  In the past when I tried making nut milk and using it in a hot chocolate my whole family would pass it up!!  Last night I made myself some nut milk hot chocolate and everyone wanted a sip.  No biggie I thought, even with 6 sips, I should have enough left...think again!  They all wanted some!!  It really makes a difference in blending with nut milks.

Here I put a large handful of almonds and a large handful of coconut flakes in the blender.

 I add about 4 cups of water.

 This is what it looks like after blending.

 I prefer to use a bowl when I strain the nut milk, but I only had this 1/2 gallon jar on hand.  Funny thing...the white dish cloth you see there are the flour sack ones I get at Walmart.  Almost everytime I use them I am reminded of my grandparents (my Dad's parents).  Years ago they gave me some to take home ( I was on a trip up North visiting). I had ALWAYS used a thicker, smaller towel for dish drying.  I took them home, thinking they were of ill fit use for dishes.  Ha!  How wrong I was!!!  These are hands down the towel we turn to first!  Not only are they great for dish drying, but they make a great cloth to strain nut milks, or to strain yogurt.

 In goes the milk.  I wrap up the towel and twist it slowly to get everything out.

Ta-da!  Nut milk that my kids go goo-goo gaga over :-)

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Working Mom said...

Love the blender! Wish I had one so cool! Mine is a nuwave blender - machine goes on the top and the blade is completely detachable - love that feature, but it does poor work on my very frozen bananas!

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