Friday, March 01, 2013

Kefir issues

What is up with my kefir?  Actually, the kefir itself has been amazing.  My current grains were producing an amazing amount of kefir for their wee size.  There wasn't anything wrong with the grains themselves, but something is totally up with each batch of kefir grains meeting an untimely death.  I wrote a wee bit on my last batch of grains.  One was knocked over by Aubrey, another mistaken as spoiled milk (and promptly poured down the drain).  I have a friend who had some extras, and so I was pretty confident that I could keep these guys safe.  Apparently NOT. 

I suppose I need to use those magnetic 'milk helpers' for more than just my *finished* kefir.  Today I was making dinner for a family as they recently had a new baby added to the family.  As is usual....for me....I was running behind.  Not that things like handles coming off pots, or a certain little boy who was trying to *paint* with chocolate and the like had anything to do with running behind. This family has a dairy free daughter. I was making mashed potatoes for them so I made up a small batch of coconut/almond milk to use instead of regular milk.  I pulled out the 'milk' and set it next to the stove.  When I was ready for it, I grabbed 'the' jar and to my surprise I saw a few lumps drop into the potatoes, along with the milk.  What?  Is my new blender not working properly?  Why would there be lumps in my coconut/almond milk?  I saw a lump and grabbed it.  It was soft and squishy, just like...just like?? kefir grains?  OY.  A total 'smack head' moment!!!  I was keeping my kefir jar next to the stove on the left side.  I had some chicken stock simmering and the heat helps the kefir to produce more quickly.  I had put the coco/almond milk on the *right* side of the stove.  In my haste I grabbed the wrong jar.  Boo hoo.  Now I have to find someone with more grains. 

This is such a bummer since we've really been enjoying our kefir smoothies over here.  (I will have to write about my blender soon.)  I suppose I shall use this kefir-less time to try out some amazing sounding avocado recipes.  A couple of years ago, during Aubrey's pregnancy, I became a lover of avocados.  I LOVE them in salads.  I was just drooling over a blog post that has some 25 avocado recipes on it.  Oh yumminess.  I can not wait to try some of them. 

In the meantime I need to come up with some way to keep my kefir grains safe. Any ideas?


Sarah Faith said...

I totally did that with some kefir grains one time. Didn't strain before putting away and didn't label the jar as such. Into the blender the grains went! Hope they're still making baby grains in our tummies or something. Haha. :) What happened to the potatoes? :D

Tiffany- DontWastetheCrumbs said...

Your story CRACKS ME UP! I haven't mistaken my grains for anything else... yet. I keep them on the counter in line with the sugar/flour/rice canisters. It's an open jar with a brown coffee filter laying on top (and the jars help hold it down). We don't keep anything else like that on the counter (yet) so I've been fortunate. You can probably see the jar in some of my "grocery trip" pictures, lol.

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