Friday, March 22, 2013

Another first

Around here "firsts" are usually celebrated.  You know, the first time your child walks, says a word, learns to tie shoes, etc.  A couple of years ago we had a first that wasn't welcomed...the first of our children to break a bone.  Today we had another first, another unwelcome one....the first of our children to get stitches. 

Aubrey was attempting to jump on Jeremiah, who was on the couch, but he lost his balance and banged his head against the corner of our end table.  Ouch.  Remarkably, he wasn't screaming or crying.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  (I was outside helping to get our first day of milking off to a good start.)  Jeremiah picked him up and saw the gash on his forehead.  Flannery called out the window to me that Aubrey got hurt really bad and that Daddy thought he needed to go to the ER.  WHA?? Not words I wanted to hear.  I asked her what was wrong with him, as I was half jogging to get inside.  She said he hit his head against the end table.  Oh boy.  I was preparing myself to see blood everywhere, BUT it wasn't bleeding!  Weird.  Although it wasn't bleeding, it was deep. 

After some time with the ice pack, we headed out to the urgent care.  He was calm and acting normal.  Though, I would be expecting him to be crying, so maybe he wasn't acting normal?  We got there and no one else was in the waiting room.  The doctor took one look at him and was like, Yup, he definitely needs stitches.  By then the wound was open even further, maybe from some swelling.  Needless to say he got the pleasure of getting stitches.  He handled it as well as any 2 year old who has to be strapped down could handle it.  Poor little guy.  But really after the numbing injection, which clearly hurt, he was only crying because he was afraid.  Jeremiah and I were both there talking softly to him and reassuring him that everything was ok.  Thankfully it went pretty quickly.  The doctor made sure to get everything ready before we brought him into the room.

He has a headache now.  He seems to be ok with Motrin or Tyenol in him.  I've been keeping an eye on him and he's been acting fine, playing, eating, etc. 

Now for the kicker.  I took the boys outside to play.  Jeremiah was working on the new barn construction.  I helped him for a bit, but realized it was getting close to the time the older two girls needed to be picked up. Jeremiah was going to go get them, but figured he should stick to working on the barn.  When we got home and I was trying to get Aubrey to go inside, I heard Jeremiah yell out.  Oh.  No.  He had been using the hand saw when I had passed by.  Sure enough he got cut, but not by the saw.  He was sawing off some wood that was next to the metal roofing and as the wood was cut through it made his hand jerk to the side, getting sliced by the metal roof.  Now Jeremiah is sporting stitches!!!!  Can you believe it?! 

Let's just say I'm a wee bit stressed out.  At this point I'm about to duct tape everyone down.  Just yesterday Aubrey climbed up on top of a desk and fell off, head first.  And I mean, Head First, with his whole body above him.  I was so scared he had injured his neck!!  He was fine, though clearly in pain.  So now, after today, I will be trying to keep everyone from using sharp objects, or from running around too much, or from sneezing too hard (I'm JOKING!).  I am worn out. 

Please pray that they both heal quickly and without any fanfare.  Thank you!

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