Friday, March 15, 2013

Just some conversations I want to remember

Aubrey has been our little conversationalist lately.  He's been having the SAME conversation with me daily for a couple months now.  It started multiple times a day (think every 10 minutes!) and now it's about every other day.  It is always the same.  Here it is (A=Aubrey, M=Me)

A:  Mouse?
M: Yes, there was  mouse in our house.
A:  Obin? (oven?)
M: Yes, the mouse was under the oven.
A: Dahdee? (daddy?)
M:  Yes, Daddy got the mouse.
A:  Trash?
M:  Yes, Daddy threw the mouse in the trash.
A:  Ah Gon!!! (all gone!!!)

Every. Day. :-)  Apparently the mouse situation had a huge impact on his little life that he feels he needs to talk about it everyday.  Ha, ha.  It is pretty cute. Throw on top of that Jeremiah brought home a dead owl and bird for the kids to look at....and now he tacks on, "Owa? (owl)", M: Yes, daddy got an owl.  A: trash?  M:  Yes, the owl is in the trash.

The other day he really surprised me. We were all sitting around the table during breakfast.  Now, many conversations between the children start with..."Remember?....."  They are typically about to converse about a movie or show they have seen.  Every once in a while it is about a book, or a real life situation.  You know that little kiddos are *really* listening and watching when they repeat you :-)  So the kids are talking amongst themselves and Aubrey pipes up, "Mommy!  Remember?"  I just about dropped what I was eating. Did he just say what I thought he said?  Yup, he did, because he repeated himself :-)  "Mommy!  Remember?"  and he went on to do this funky noise, and hand motions.  I didn't want to burst his bubble by not 'remembering'!  So I just started laughing and telling him that I remembered.  He has decided to bring up this same remembering a few more times these past few days.  Really cute!

I was in the living room reading to Aubrey, and Jed came up to me, showing me a piece of paper. On the paper he had written in large red crayon, "330".  The threes were written backwards, and the zero was more of a square.  He tells me, "This is the number on the scale, three, three, zero."  What?  He had taken a piece of paper into the bathroom and weighed himself, writing the numbers down that he saw!!  I told him that I was pretty sure the scale read, "33.0"  He looks at his paper, and I point to where the decimal is supposed to go.  Then he asks me, "Is it 0.33 or 33.0?"  I told him which it was.  He walks off. About ten minutes later he comes back, looking a bit upset.  He says, "Mommy, the numbers are the same!  Why are the numbers the same?  It's still 33.0."  Ha, ha, ha!!!!  He went back to weigh himself again, thinking the numbers were going to change!  I told him, "I'm sorry buddy, but it takes longer than 10 minutes to gain weight!"

Jedidiah has been doing very well developmentally.  Growth wise, not so much.  But he's writing numbers, all on his own, will scribble lines above drawings and tell me what it says :-).  He has been getting so much better at drawing lately.  He even copied his sisters by making plans for his birthday!  Granted his birthday isn't until the summer, but this kiddo will be prepared.  He drew out what he wanted his cake to look, he even drew bowls of frosting, and which colors they should be.  He drew decorations and even presents!  He had everything in separate boxes on the paper, with the cake in the middle.  Pretty amazing.  For Jed! 

We have a busy weekend ahead. We've ordered some fruit trees and we will need to read up on how to care for them! I'm a bit nervous as it's one thing to kill a small plant that you paid pennies for, compared to the cost of a sapling!  Yikes.  I'll have a more in depth post about what we have going on here. Not a lot, but we are trying to expand here and there.  I should be taking more pictures soon as my camera is in the shop being fixed as I type!!!  Yay!  It will be a year since I've last used it.  I am afraid I will be all thumbs again. I can't wait to start using it again. I suppose I should save my 'happenings post' for when I can put pictures to it :-) 

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