Thursday, September 01, 2011

Weird stuff

I have about three posts that have been in draft mode for the past couple of weeks.  I wanted to upload some pictures to our computer and decided to put up a post.  I decided to start with this draft as it was pretty weird stuff.  After the weird stuff I pick up with the 'today' stuff.

Some weird things have been happening around here.  I mean, weird.  Like bats falling out of the sky and a sunfish hanging out on the ground, behind our van (still alive).  Last week Isabella went out to do the evening milking.  She started to pound on the window, telling us to get dad to get the bat that fell out of the sky.  Bat?  Oh, I know we have bats, I see them all the time flying in the evening sky.  She was afraid that the chickens would think the bat was food.  I told her to stay far away.  Jeremiah went out there to scope out the situation.  He decided to get the bat into a bucket.  It was moving a bit, so he knew it wasn't dead.  Imagine his surprise when the batS started flying around under the bucket.  He managed to get the bucket up with a screen for a lid.  Two bats.  We kept them until the next day, when they were almost half drowned, since it rained in the middle of the night.  Jeremiah let them go in the woods. I think they climbed up one of our trees.  Very interesting indeed!

Yesterday Jeremiah went outside to get some stuff from the van.  We hadn't brought in all our stuff from Isabella's pool party the night before as we were so tired.  He comes in the house saying there is a sunfish, still alive, on the ground behind our van!  A fish?  Seriously?  My guess is that a heron was flying by with it in it's mouth and dropped it, or a cat decided to leave us a present.  It was a large fish though.  He put it in a bucket of water, and walked down to our neighboors pond to let it go.

I told you it was weird.  Not only have we had weird stuff, but a bunch of other unpleasant things have been happening around.  I was in a really, really bad funk yesterday because of it all.  It's a culmination of things really, not any one incident.  The biggest bummer is that my Mom will be leaving us tomorrow.  It has been wonderful to have her here.  I guess things really got to me when the baby woke up the night before.  It was about bed time for me anyways, so I figured I'd go in to nurse him, but had to brush my teeth first.  I asked my Mom if she could rock the baby until I was ready, otherwise he would cry.  Not that crying is horrible, but I've had too many experiences of him waking up too much from the crying that he won't go back to sleep for some two hours later.  So she started rocking him.  She decided to continue to rock him after I got into bed.  I guess it hit me hard seeing her rocking him and singing to him quietly, knowing that she wouldn't get to do this again for him (well, once she leaves).  So I was depressed about my Mom leaving.  On top of it all we've been sick.  A tummy bug hit half the household.  A really, REALLY bad tummy bug.  Like 5 days long tummy bug.  Oh, and the van door decided to break and our oven doesn't work right now (the range top still works) and there was something else, but I can't remember right now.  I've decided to find a cave and hole up there until this storm passes.  Ugh. 

Finding a cave would mean driving, of which is pretty difficult for me to do at the present moment.  So I'm stuck here, in all this mess (for once not a true actual mess!).  I really don't like dreading a new day, wondering what mess awaits for me.  We have seriously only had a total of four weeks of no 'stuff' ALL this year.  We are only a day away from September.  That means a whole long nine months of junk (with the exception of the birth of the baby :-)), leaving us with still three months to go.  Three months is a long time for more junk to happen.  Ok, enough junky stuff.

We started school yesterday.  It's almost 2 o'clock the next day and we haven't started school  yet.  That is the freedom of homeschooling.  I have been up very early with a fussy baby for days now so I went back to bed when he went down for his morning nap.  Ah, I feel better.  I'll have to write about our schooling and get some pictures.  I can say this though.  I'm loving the reading, but the girls were starting to think they were going to die of hard work with all the paying attention and thinking they had to do.  Ha!  I'm so very glad we started up some reading and math a month ago.  Otherwise I am sure their wee brains would have burst on the first day of school!!  Well, at least they would have thought so. 

Here are some pictures from the past month:

I know they look dead, but they were very much alive!  Bats, in one of our 5 gallon buckets.  One such bucket is now only outside worthy.  The first time we used it we put a huge black snake in it, to relocate it.  Black snakes are great to have around, unless of course they get big enough to eat your chicken eggs.  I have this "thing" about reusing any implement that was used for outside purposes.  I suppose you would too if you have seen our outside!!  Ew!

All in the name of science.  Here Jeremiah donned some work gloves to pick up one of the bats.  I had all the kids *inside* incase one of them escaped.

Isabella's birthday dinner.  She requested chicken alfredo.  My mom said that Sam's Club had a great alfredo, and she was right :-)  Yum!  We made sure to have plenty of the red stuff (cranberry sauce) on hand.

The birthday girl showing off her new set of earrings and neclace.

Me, um making a funny face about my picture being taken during dinner :-)

I'm sure you can all guess what this is!  Isabella's favorite

Some of us were rather excited to dig into the cake!

It's the Squish Miester.

The boys at Bella's pool party.  We had a cook out afterwards.

It was too hot to decorate the cake ahead of time, as the frosting would have melted.  So everyone there got a chance to help with the cake decorating.  That is one decked out cake!!

Some random pictures around the house.  The kids love to pull the baby around in made up "carraiges".  Here they even outfitted the baby with some music.  Well, in this shot he just has on some earphones.  But they have put their MP3 players on for him to listen to.  He really enjoys that.  As a wee babe, one of the ways we would be able to calm him down during a car ride was for him to listen to music on an MP3 player (our van radio doesn't work).

Jonah, our resident ham.

He's also our resident super hero!

Look who's pulling himself up to standing! He can now crawl properly.  This of course opens a new chapter in our control!  He climbs up on the tread mill, and pulls up on everything!!  But he hasn't learned to hold on.  That combo is really *bad*.  Poor baby has a few red marks to show for it.

Regardless, he's pretty happy with his new view point on life :-) 

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