Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a quick post

I've been missing in action for several reasons.  Number 1:  We've been sick, sick, AND sick.  Number 2: Due to all the sickness we jumped right into the GAPS diet, we are now on day 5.  We have had lots of small issues, and a bit of a biggie issue with one child.  I actually started a new blog to write about our experience on the diet, just haven't gotten it up yet.

If anyone has been reading here long enough then you know this has been a trying year for us.  Lots of big things happening (broken bones, appendicitis, surgery, etc.), and that we have been quite sick.  It seems that a lot of our problem (the sickness at least) may be coming from black mold that we have in the house.  Spraying it with a special solution, and putting borax down has really seemed to help everyone with their sickness.  So I was breathing a sigh of relief that everyone's horrid ailments may be on the mend, and maybe, JUST maybe things might quiet down around here.  Well, relatively speaking, because the whole die off effect from the diet really brings out the worst in everyone.  So you can imagine my audible sigh when Flannery came up to me with some 'bug bites'.  However most of them are all around her neck, hairline, and behind her ears.  A few are on her torso, and one on her arm.  I am even afraid to type out what it may be, but I will try.....chi....chi....chick....alright already!  Chicken pox.  Now I could be totally wrong.  But most of my kids had a low grade fever and a sore throat, and doing this diet they should have been very, very hungry, BUT they weren't.  All signs of the pox.  Only time will tell.  If it is the pox, I will be happy as that way I don't have to worry about what to do when they get to be teens.  However, Moira is 12.  I do believe that we actually gave Isabella the vaccine when she was two.  But she's had some bumps over the past few days, that had blisters on them, but they were on her fingers.  Who know at this point.  But clearly suspicious.

Must go to bed and try to sleep.  I don't relish the notion of 7 itchy bodies.  I should know in day or two if it is, as they will have spread.  I would say to pray that it's not the pox, but again I would rather they had natural immunity.  So please pray that if it is that they all get a mild case, and we make it through with our sanity intact :-)

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~mel said...

Just wanted to say HELLO ~ I was out blog hopping and just happened to land here. I enjoyed the visit. Chicken pox ~ eeww... I hope that's not it; but if it is hopefully they'll all get it at the same time and you'll be done with it. Best of luck!

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