Thursday, January 01, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year's celebration. We had to stay home due to illnesses. We were hoping to spend it with our church family in prayer and service. Poor Jonah man is pretty sick. He has an ear infection that has put him out of commission. I am thinking he has more than just an ear infection as he is completely miserable. Jeremiah is also sick, and Isabella was starting with a sore throat. Sooooo we spent our new years being ill. We had a late lunch so for dinner it was just a homemade pizza later in the evening. We stayed up pretty late making some chocolate chip cookies. I assure you those things are not helping us to be well! But oh, do they taste yummy! :-) Most of us fell asleep on the couch. Here is a real funny. We have a timer set on our computer to go off at ten p.m. that locks us out of the internet. So Jeremiah went on and reset it for just last night. So there we are all around the computer watching the clock count down in NYC. We are all shouting, "Ten, Nine, Eight.....Three, Two, One....." The computer then promptly locks up on the "one"! I was staring at the computer saying, "What!?! It froze up on 'one'?! Where is the ball?" Then Jeremiah and I realize that he had mistakenly not given us enough time on the computer to "FULLY" ring in the new year!!! Ha, ha, ha!! So we then shout out "Happy New Year!!!" and drank our sparkling grape juice. The older two girls and I went outside to shout happy new year. They wanted to bang the pots and pans, but that woke up Jedidiah last year. And he was none too happy about that, and didn't get back to sleep very well. So we figured we would skip the banging part. We then came in and went to bed. ZZZZzzzzzzz Today we had to run errands. Poor Jonah was a wailing mess by the time we got home. Thankfully he conked out quickly and is now peacefully sleeping. I'm on our secondary computer so I can't post our new year eve picture. I'll have to do that another day. Have a wonderful day!

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Bethany W. said...

From all of us who actually sleep on New Year's Eve...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for not banging pots and pans!!! That is only a fun tradition for those who are awake! For those who wake up at midnight to crazy/noisy neighbors, it is not so much of a treat!

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