Sunday, December 28, 2008

Look who's eating big people food!

So there I was, with Jonah in my arms, cutting up an apple for Jed. Jonah likes the taste of apples, so I let him suck on one of the pieces. However, the apple was too soft and it was starting to break up. So I peeled a granny smith apple, but it was a bit too sour. Poor Jonah was beside himself as he really, REALLY wanted that apple. So I broke open a container of sweet potato baby food. I thought, lets see what he can do with this. That child ate, and ate and ate!!! He ate half of a stage 2 container!!! He LOVED it. He was obviously very ready for it. He never made any yucky faces nor did he spit any back out. All my children had a few tries at food, pushing it back out, not sure what to do with it before they got the hang of it. Not Jonah boy. The poor thing is teething or something. He is not a happy camper. Here are two pics. One of just Jonah enjoying this new food experience, the other of both boys enjoying the sweet potatoes.

1 comment:

Bethany W. said...

A baby who likes jarred baby food? That is amazing!

Bethany ;)

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