Tuesday, January 13, 2009

photo intensive

I uploaded a bunch of pictures. We have been busy here with some rearranging. We moved all of our bookshelves around. We'll see if it makes things easier to maintain. Still in the talking and planning stages of a lot of our changes. We'll all be learning about gardening. We want to put in a lot of things this year, including some dwarf fruit trees, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, plus a ton of veggies. The veggies will be important in our diet change. Time to get back to eating healthy. I checked out Dr. Joel Furhman's book, "Disease Proof Your Child". It is a great book, but depressing at the same time. Depressing because of all the evidence that a poor diet as a child has more impact on later diseases like cancer. I grew up eating processed food galore. Not a good thing. My children have eaten much better than I, however they started off on the wrong foot with my poor health. Ugh. Well I have a bunch to do, but let me leave you with these pictures:

Saoirse showing off her collection of floss thread. They are for embroidery. She carefully wound a few "spools" and sorted through the colors.

Here is a crocheted sweater I made the other day. It is very quick and easy. It was meant for Jonah, but it is much too large. I will try to make another one with a lighter yarn. Here I used two yarns held together and it is a bit thick.

Here is the sweater on Jedidiah. It is a bit boxy, which is fine, I am sure it will lay better with a thinner yarn.

Jedidiah being goofy. For some reason he is really into putting things on his head. Here he is with a penguin. Sometimes it's a towel, or a paper, or clothing. Very funny.

Now what are you up to in there Jed? Looks like he needs some quiet time to himself and had to go to great lengths to find it! Ha, ha!

Actually he brought his juice in there with him (in the yellow cup) and set up shop. He was in there for quite a while.

Isabella toting Jonah around in the Ergo. Jonah is getting used to the Ergo. He prefers to be on the front I think. We have had a ton of work to do here and he has been fussy, fussy, fussy. Teething maybe? I hope it is over very soon!

One day the girls were playing "family" and set up this bed for Jedidiah. The funny thing is that he actually fell asleep! Here he is snoozing.

A picture taken by Moira. We found a wonderful family project to work on. The girls received "it" for Christmas. What are we all doing?

Here is Jeremiah working away on our project......
Here is Isabella taking a break from the project. You can see our project there on the table......puzzles! My sister will probably think this is totally funny. My children have done the wee little toddler wooden puzzles, but nothing past that. These were "real" puzzles! Fun was had by all.
Flannery's puzzle was hard because they were panda bears. But she was very happy to be figuring it out.

All this work was a bit too much for Saoirse. We were determined to finish them.

Here they all are under the plastic table cloth. They serve as neato place mats!

The girls all decked in their new Christmas dresses. When we lined them up to take a picture Jedidiah ran in there to get in the action.

Now this is absolutely hilarious!!!! Saoirse stuffed a ball under her dress and came in the kitchen to tell me she had a baby in her tummy. I took this picture and if you can see the expression on her face it is hysterical!!!!!!!This is how I feel when I am nine months preggers :-)

Isabella and I hanging out one night. Jeremiah took the other girls somewhere and it was the boys and Isa.

Unfortunately I had my thumb on the flash, but this was too cute not to post.

Our sweet chubs. That's his name around here. Just being incredibly cute. It is a good thing he's so cute as the fussiness factor has increased and patience decreased with everyone here. He is reminding me too much of Flannery at the moment. Not a good thing. It is a miracle that Flannery and I are still alive! That poor child cried for the first two years of her life!!!!
A very cute creation by Moira. Jedidiah's speech therapist brings playdough with her and this is what Moira made. The therapist let her keep it :-)

That is all I have for now. Must go and try comfort Jonah, who is crying....again.....


Pam's Pride said...

LOVE all the pictures!!

I just came acrossed this site about Vitamin D and mercury and thought maybe you might be interested.

Laura said...

I loved all your pictures and catching up on your family.

I also had a BIG crier, #9 Wesley. He doesn't cry much now that hee's 22 mo. But he is by far my biggest mess. I'm working on that.

Hope you have a fantastic week.

Bethany W. said...

Thanks for posting the new pics!

Crying babies are no fun, I will be praying for you!


Nancy M. said...

Your children are so beautiful! That is such a great idea to put the puzzles under a clear tablecloth.

The Stone Family said...

I haven't checked y'all's blog in such a long time and I can't even BELIEVE how big all the kids are! Jed was just a little thing in your tummy still! He's a cutie alright!
Saoirse seems to be the regular ham around your house lol.
Missin' the Pechins!
Love in Christ,
~Emily for the Stones

Emily Stone said...

Oops.. :D
I just realized that I said Jed and not Jonah! So sorry!
I do know who I'm talking about... I just don't know what came over me! :D
My fingers were on autopilot.

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