Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wow, a whole week...

I'm starting this post with pictures only because I am too lazy to drag them all down below the post! I asked Jeremiah to take a picture of me with each of the girls when we had our bonfire. This is Saoirse and I.

Moira and I taking a pose before the fire. our fire was multipurpose. We got rid of some movies and books that were not fit to pass on.

Flannery and I all toasty in front of the fire. I think the temps were only in the low 50's! Ha, ha. We've had some "real" winter weather since then, and I have the proof below.

Isabella and I. Is it just me, or is she only a head shorter than me? She almost fits in my shoes!! Very, very strange indeed. I'm thinking she was just a toddler the other day....

Saoirse giving us a very funny look. She and Flannery were sharing a seat, trying to stay warm, in the 'freezing cold'. :-)

Jedidiah and I. This is Jedidiah's new winter coat. He had just gotten it that evening and wouldn't take it off! Too funny. You can see he has a graham cracker in his hand he was munching on. We were making s'mores! Yummo!

Jeremiah just tending the fire, deep in thought, thinking about some deep, deep theological issues no doubt :-) Ok, probably not. He got lots of "advice" about tending that fire! Mostly coming from certain 11, 9, 6 and 4 year olds :-)

Here is a cute picture of Moira. Growing, growing, growing. Jeremiah had taken the time to scan a whole bunch of pictures into the computer recently so I've been seeing a lot of little Moiras and Isabellas. And it is always a shock when I do!

Saoirse examining sticks to see if they are proper for roasting marshmallows. So many things to consider :-).

Isabella, Jeremiah and Jedidiah all hanging out. At this point Jed was getting sleepy. He did eventually fall asleep in my arms. We had a wonderful time around the fire. It is one of those things wonderful you want to do it all the time, but one of the things that makes it special is that it isn't done all the time! I hope that made sense.
OK, this seems like a total random picture! Ha, like I said I was being lazy!! This is a glimpse of what type of cloth diapers I have. Some people do a whole diaper stash picture, but again.....I'm too lazy! Some were in the dryer, some in my room, some in the bathroom, get the idea. My supply consists of prefolds (the large flat rectangles on the left), Fuzzy Bunz (in the middle, I have mostly white ones, but a few colored), and my new loved Prowraps. We needed to extend the diaper stash so that I didn't HAVE to wash diapers every day. I've been using these diapers for a good two months or more now. I wanted to use them when Jonah was a newborn, but he would literally cry if we put cloth diapers on him as a newborn! He's outgrown that, thankfully.

These are the Fuzzy Bunz and the Prowrap with the prefolds in them. You can see I left some of the prefold hanging out of the Fuzzy Bunz. The FB have a pocket to put in the prefold. With the wrap there is no need for diaper pins. I LOVE the new wraps. I also love the FB, especially for night time, as they wick the moisture away from the baby's skin.

This is what happens when you have given up naps, but still need them :-) I had gotten him down from his feeding and he climbed up in the computer chair to watch the screen saver (it is set with rotating through all our pictures) and he conked out!

Proof that it did indeed get cold here! This is Isabella enjoying the snow. It is a bit dark out because it is only 7 AM. Hey, around here you need to get out in the snow ASAP, as you never know when it will stop and melt away. We woke them all up to get outside for a bit.
Saoirse enjoying the snow. You have to love her winter wear!!! We brought down a large container of shows to pull out what boots or sneakers we had for them to keep warm in and this is what she pulled out!!! She is totally into fancy shoes!

Jedidiah really thought the snow thing was fascinating! After his time in the snow he came in and was looking through the shoe box and had found some red and black snow boots. They are now his favorites and he wears them all the time!!!!! They are only twice his size!!

Flannery contemplating the snow? Unlikely! She usually doesn't stay still for long, so this is a rare shot :-)

Jedidiah all happy about his new found skill.....jumping off the couch.

Here he is mid-air! Too funny! He did this again, and again, and again.....

Jonah looking all cute! Too precious! I love the way he "talks" now. I need to get it on tape!

We had some pretzels and peanut butter for snack one day and this is what Isa did with hers!!

Here are Jed's new prized boots! He can't live without them :-)
We had a wedding here this weekend. The girls were supposed to be folding the laundry, not trying it on! They put on a wedding. This is the bride, being walked down the isle by the bride's disinterested father. An unfortunate byproduct of dysfunctional families....

The happy couple. Brings tears to my eyes (ha, ha,ha). And for the record Flannery was a MAN. :-)

Here is the flower girl with the newly married couple.

Here is Jonah and the ark! At least the animals of the ark! I didn't have a lot of time to write much, I guess that will have to wait till next weekend. I have been tagged by two people to do some meme's (I think that's what they are called). I'll post those next weekend too. This weekend Jeremiah was at a conference, and we had computer problems.

my actual post:

without the 'net. Except for email. And I lived to tell about it :-) Our week started with Jedidiah eating us out of house and home! Well almost. For two days that boy ate and ate and ate!!! And this was the two days before we started the homeopathy. I have no idea what got into him. The rest of the week he has been eating way more that what he was, but not as much as the first two days of the week. I started him on his remedies on Wednesday. I've started a notebook dedicated to Jedidiah's health/feeding issues. Besides Jed's eating frenzy no other earth shattering news to share. I do have a bunch of pictures to upload. I only hope Blogger will not take all day to upload them.

Our week has consisted of staying on top of chores. I also stayed consistent with our family reading. We are currently reading (or read) 1 John, 2 John, Biblical Femininity and Fall with the Moody's. We are also working on memorizing Romans 12. We became members at our church this past Sunday. It has been a year since we started attending Hope Baptist. What a wonderful year it has been! Let's see....I've supervised a couple of the girls cooking dinner. Funny thing was that one dinner that Moira made she was a bit heavy handed with the spices. Jeremiah starts eating it and is raving about how wonderful it is (not knowing that Moira made it). He tells me that I should always make it this way, and then I tell him that Moira made it! So he says, well then make sure she makes it next time :-) Hey, maybe I'll work myself out of a job :-) We also had some SNOW this week.

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Bethany W. said...

Sounds like Jed had a growth spurt! (eating so much, and sleeping on the chair) Praise the Lord!

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