Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A little clarification

Just a clarification on my last post, most specifically the wording of it. It was brought to my attention that the wording may have given the wrong impression. I guess I was on such a high from the good news that I wrote it out quickly. The wording of the title gave the impression that we did not have hope for Jedidiah in the past. Or where that hope came from. So to clear that up I wanted to say that our hope has always been in the Lord. I am a very poor writer, and I usually stumble for words. The word hope that I used was in relation to the hope of a cure from a medical nature. It is hard to put your child into the arms of God. Even though I know that He can take better care of them than I. I have been praying for healing for Jedidiah. And to see that the healing may be at hand is a glorious feeling. The Lord has been very, very gracious to us. There are times I ask, why, why is my son still sick? Why does he have a tube? Why is he not growing, why....why....And you know what...I still don't have any answers :-) I will say that I know the Lord uses all things of the believer for good. And I can rest knowing that good will come of this. Maybe he is preparing us for helping others with medical needs. I really don't know. I do know that at present I must persevere in the things He has shown for me to do. And that happens to be why I have not been on the computer so much of late. I've been getting the house organized, and making sure the girls are doing chores. We have a very exciting season ahead of us. One of training and tying heart strings. I will share more on that later.

As a side note (I think my whole blog is a list of side notes :-)) we got out early today to vote. No lines, it was in and out for us. There has been so much talk on the elections. I don't get into all of that "stuff". Not that politics is not important. But truly, it is only the Lord who can change the heart of a king. And no matter who wins we will need that divine changing! I have heard about people fasting and praying for our country these last few days. I do believe we will need more of that even after the elections. I think there is a very good reason that the Lord continually told the Israelites to remember His deeds AND to tell them to their children and their children's children. It is easy to loose hope for our country, with all the news that we hear. However it is proven that when a people come together and humble themselves before the Lord that He will intervene. We are prone to forgetting. I can't tell you how many times when I have read a passage that I thought, now HOW could they have done that!! The Lord did this and this and this and they STILL went off and rebelled, etc. Then I have to stop and realize that we (I) are NO different. I have these amazing testimonies of the work of the Lord in our life and I will still loose hope or fear. I turn my attention elsewhere. When what I really needed to do was to proclaim the works of the Lord.

Jedidiah's speech therapist will be here soon. I need to go put some food together while the baby is sleeping. He's not been napping too well as of late.


Henley said...

hi Kerri,
So glad you might have a breakthough w/ Jedidiah's health! I understood what you meant about "HOPE". I believe that God puts things in our heart and tugs at us to move in a certain direction and leads us to certain things. Prayer is so important but I believe doctors are too! (also homeopathic meds).
Take care and love to the kiddos.

kayla said...

Hello some how I found your blog looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia and im not sure how, anyways you have a great blog and I wish you the best.

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