Thursday, March 20, 2008

WOW, some great car seat info!

I wanted everyone to check out my friend Isabelle's great information on car seats that she posted for me in my comments in my last post. Thank you! At this rate Jedidiah may be rear facing until he is three! I will copy and paste it here later. Right now I need to get everyone ready for the Easter party we are going to today. Then later I have an appointment with my midwife. I've got breakfast, shower, clothe all children, make a picnic lunch, pack the van and whatnot to do in the next one hour and 20 minutes. Yeah, it's crunch time!

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Tracy said...

Wow, great information! I was planning on putting Georgia on a booster seat when she hit 40#, but now I will keep her in the 5-pont carseat until she hits 50# as long as she fits in it. Of course the other 2 are still only 41# and 43# and I really cannot imagine Remmington in a 5-pont seat, so I will see how she grows. But thanks to Isabelle for some great info and reminders!

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