Thursday, March 06, 2008

I spoke too soon!!

OK, thankfully I do not believe in being jinxed. That being said.....I spoke too soon. Yesterday afternoon after I posted about Jedidiah, that maybe he will actually hit the growth chart soon, blah, blah, blah...Well he woke from his nap cranky. Which is VERY unusual. The whole evening he just wasn't himself. Then after his evening feeding.....he threw it ALL up, on him and me (I'm the lucky winner, as Jerry had just passed him to me). Then he was sick to his tummy all morning. UGH! He seems to be doing better now. But what a blow. We were on cloud nine and then he gets sick. Anyways we celebrated with some homemade cupcakes. Here are two picks. You can't see his cupcake, but he was using the spoon to eat the frosting. And in the next picture is Jed and his dog. His security dog. Some kids have a security blanket, he has a dog. Oh, well. Its a new experience as none of our kids had a security item.

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