Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A wonderful day outside

To the girls dismay, we didn't actually spend the day outside, just about a half hour. We have been spending about two hours outside for the past few days. I am sure it will be more of the same, at least until Saturday when they are prediciting rain. Here are a couple of cute pictures while we were out. Jedidiah was obsessed with throwing large sticks and pinecones. Even with the temptation of playing with the ferret he chose to throw sticks, and splash his hands in some really yucky water. Notice his lovely homemade haircut, er, buzz cut, or butchery, pick your phrase.....I did all my self! I am sure no one can tell ;-)

A boy and his stick. He spent the whole half hour throwing that stick, and that pinecone in front of him!

Caught in action. You can see that the pinecone has not landed yet. We were trying to get a picture of him in mid throw. We didn't get one. Oh well.

Here he is about to throw that stick. Watch out world!

Here's a real cutie! Looks like she needs a haircut as well. Don't worry, no buzzers will be involved! ( rainbow writing, compliments of Saoirse)

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Tracy said...

WOW!!!! I cannot believe how much he has grown out! Not up, but out!! WOO-HOO!! He looks very good!!! It also looks like a great day outside! Tell all the kids we are planning a trip to see all of you soon! I go back to the naturopathic MD in a few days, so hopefully I can come stay at your place for a few days!! :) Love to all, from all!

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