Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pictures of the newest pea

On Thursday I had an ultrasound. The baby looks great. Nevermind the scare tactics of advanced maternal age and low on the bed side manners. We persevered :-) Really it was a lot of fun to see our little pea. And apparently, according to the ultrasound, I am not 19 weeks, but 17 weeks. Bummer! Oh, well, that explains why the yucky feeling has stuck around a bit longer than it usually does. Isabella stayed in the whole time (well besides the times she had to take her sisters out to the waiting room). She was really enjoying watching and asking questions. Which is the bummer of the appointment as the doctor really didn't seem interested in explaining what it was we were looking at. Oh, well, I have had quite a few ultrasounds to know something about them, so I filled her in. So as far as the doctor can tell the baby is fine. He thought I should come back around 28 weeks to have a better look at the heart and bowels as there are things that they would not be able to pick up now, but can then. Again, because of my age and family history. We'll see. I really have a peace about the pregnancy and don't feel that I would need one, but we'll wait till the time comes. Isabella is absolutely convinced she saw boy parts. I saw "something" as well, BUT seeing as how they really can't pick up gender until about 15 weeks, and seeing as we are totally untrained u/s techs, I don't think we saw what we think we saw with the baby being only 17 weeks old. I truely believe it was it's umbilical cord. It was a bit too big I think to be "other" parts :-) But I am still sticking to thinking this one is a boy. Doesn't it look like a boy to you? Ha, ha. Well we got a few good pics of the u/s. I just scanned in two of them.

It is a beautiful day here, the baby is sleeping, and there are a few more things to be cleaned before we can go out and enjoy the day. So I need to get going. A time is a wasting! (Jedidiah has finally hit the "I need Mommy" stage, so when he's down for a nap it is time to power clean!)

Here's our cute little muffin. Look how sociable he is, waving to you all!

I don't know do you think he has my or Jerry's nose? Kidding. But see, it looks like a boy! Although I will have to say that the two times that we had an early u/s Jerry swore he saw boy parts! Those u/s were with Flannery and Saoirse! Sooooooooo......we'll see how it pans out when I think I see "parts". We can't wait!


Angie said...

What a cutie!! I am so excited for you Kerry!!! BTW if you call my cell it's free all weekend and after 9pm at night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri! I never did get a chance to congratulate you and Jerry on your new "pea". I hope this baby turns out happy and healthy. Love to you all, Aunt Annette.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on baby #6!! I love the ultrasound pics especially the one waving -- too cute! I think that sometimes you can see gender early on -- at the right angle and with an experienced technician. When I had my nuchal test with Noah at 12 weeks, the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex (which we didn't) and I said "No, why? I thought you couldn't tell this early?" and she said "Well, sometimes we can ...(with a smile)" so of course my mom who was there to watch the ultrsound said afterwards "it's gotta be a boy, she must have seen something and that's why she said that"...well it was a boy. so - you might have seen something :) either way -- wishing you a happy & healthy baby!! your little pea looks beautiful!!!

psalm127 said...

Oh how addorable. It is at this stage that I can hardly wait to get them in my arms. how blessed you are.

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