Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Developments in Jedidiah

Well I thought I would squeeze in a post on Jedidiah. We have been amazed at his progress as of late. As a matter of fact he "graduated" from physical therapy. And by the way, if I am repeating myself about anything I am writing in this post, forgive me. I don't have time to look back and see if I have mentioned any of the things I am going to post here today.

OK, on with the show. So he is doing great physically. He is also saying words more and more. And drum roll please......he FINALLY hit the 18 pound mark!!!!! I was seriously going to have a party for when he hit 18 pounds, but it's Flannery's birthday, and this year it will be her day so we will have to celebrate some other profound milestone for Jedidiah. I will say this, no matter whose birthday it is, the day he gets his g-tube out will be party time. But we are looking at a very future date with that!

But we also had another huge development take place here yesterday. A little background first. There have been many times when Jedidiah has had to go without food. Whether it is for testing, or because he had been sick. He is actually a very good sick kid. He is quiet, and never really complains. He has NEVER shown signs of being hungry. He was very content to starve. This is no exaggeration. So Sunday night I put him to bed and a little while later I hook him up for his overnight feeding. But 10 minutes later he threw up. Ummm, that's not good. Especially seeing as how he only received ONE teaspoon of formula at that point. So an executive decision had to be made. And I decided to forgo his night time feeding. Now this is not a trivial matter as he receives half of his calories with his overnight feeding. But I knew something was up as it is not normal for him to throw up. Now two months ago that would have been normal, but for now it is not. I am glad I made that decision because it did turn out that he had the tummy bug. But now for the big shocker. He woke up feeling really yucky, he was not himself at all. I sat on the couch that has the view of our dining room. This is our normal couch to sit on in the morning, we look out the window and talk about the trees and birds. Well yesterday morning he was a basket case! He started fussing, crying, and arching his back. I tried putting him down, but he didn't want that, we tried giving him his favorite animal, book, you name it. He could not be comforted. Then after 10 minutes of this he finally wanted down. He ran over to the dining room table and started reaching up acting hysterical. And that is when I noticed that there was a jug of water on the table. That whole 10 minutes he was crying for water!!!! He never drinks more than an ounce at any given time. He drank 5 OUNCES!!!! Of course 15 minutes later he threw up, BUT he WANTED the water!! This is HUGE!!!! Later on, since I just gave him water that morning as he was throwing up he started acting up again. I gave him his water cup, nope that didn't help. Again we tried an assortment of things. I was thinking he must be in pain or something as he was MISERABLE! So I head to the medicine cabinet. He calmed down when I got there, but freaked out when I started leaving. I put him in his high chair just for a quick break for me. He kept crying. He finally used his hands to reach for the food cabinet (which is right next to the medicine cabinet). I gave him a jar of food and he scared it down! He was crying because he was HUNGRY!! This is amazing! He has never told us that he has been hungry or thirsty! It takes extreme measures for him to be hungry, like a night without food, but hey, this is monumental.

That's all the time I have for now, but had to pass this great news on.

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