Friday, February 15, 2008

An early birthday present

This year I am going to make a BIG, COLORFUL birthday post for Flannery. The poor kid has been giped the past two years on her birthday. Not that we could have helped that, but it still happened. We were looking back through old posts yesterday and all the kids b-days stood out because I made the post colorful, or bold. Everyones that is except Flannery's! She didn't have a post, she didn't really have much of a birthday. A year ago this week we (Jedidiah and I) were in Duke Hospital. We didn't get out until the day after her birthday, and it was a bit overwhelming with our "new" life with Jedidiah. So this year I got her streamers, a cake, let her pick out her birthday dinner. We probably won't do birthday parties this year again (with other kids that is) since come July....we'll be a bit busy and that leaves us busy into August as well. July and August will have three birthdays in there, and I figured why get started on the whole kid birthday party thing. So it will be a "just us" kind of birthday for the kids.

We gave Flannery her birthday present early. One reason is for Jerry's sanity (I joke). Tomorrow there is a sewing day at church. A few people are going to teach the rest of us to sew. Now I know how to sew (primatively at least), but they are also going to teach us pregnant folk how to make this pattern into a maternity skirt. I am sooooo excited. Trying to find decent maternity clothing is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!!! So it starts at 9 am tomorrow and goes through to early afternoon. And all the kiddies will be here at home with Daddy. This will give them hours of entertainment so that they won't even know I am gone :-)

Here are a few pictures I took this morning. Please note the big kid in the picture. This is the same big kid who said we were getting Flannery a baby toy when we told them what we were getting her for her birthday. Hee, hee. Part of it was that she was just hoping we were going to get her sister some more Playmobil. Playmobil is a HUGE hit over here, BUT it always, always, ALWAYS leads to two things. One being they will not pick it up. And if I do get them to pick it up we have number two.....they always fight over them. Always. Drives me batty, so we stuck all the Playmobil up in the atic.....again. It really is too bad. They love to spend hours setting up little villages or scenes and act them out with their little guys. But then it all starts...."no, that's my horse, no, that's my sheep....I said you can't play with my person...." On and on it goes. So anyways I thought it funny to see the big kid playing heartily with the baby toy this morning. And so far so good, no fighting :-)

Hmmm.....I tried putting up some pictures but Blogger is not letting me! Drats. Well, I will have to add them to another post. Maybe in her big birthday post I will.

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