Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm Back!!

I know you all missed me! :-) I can finally get on to my own blog! Our internet filter decided one day to make it a blocked page! So I had to go through the proper channels to get it unblocked. After church today we went over to the new house to see all the work that Jerry has been doing. WOW! It is really amazing. Now I wasn't sure what to expect as he has never built anything like this before. It looks great! He has the deck up and was working on the steps. Then he has to put in the railings and it will be finished! We are really hoping to move in the second weekend in August, which is only two weeks away. I am really excited to be moved in. Some neighbors of ours just dropped off a bunch of boxes for us as they just helped someone move into thier house. So the next two weeks I'll be tossing things into boxes when I get the chance.

The Biggest Loser contest starts this coming friday! I am really excited. I am on the Eggplant team. There are four teams with 12 women each, and our teams have the name of a vegetable. So our team color is purple. We have our first weigh in on friday and then we get our first challenge after the weekend. So I best be getting into the routine of working out! I haven't exercised at all since Jedidiah's birth. And that is as it should be as I need to make sure to fully recover. But this friday will be 5 weeks since his birth and I am very ready to get this weight off. I have 30 pounds to lose. We had to take a before picture and I will put it up here as well. Then when the contest is over we have to take an after picture. So anyone who wants to "join" me I will be posting the challenges and you can lose along with me.

We have a good friend of ours coming over tonight for dinner. He is bringing his son, who is heading off to Germany with the military, and his fiance. You would think he is a national celebrity the way our girls are so excited. Then tomorrow one of Moira's friends is coming over for the day.

I'll talk to you all later.

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